What a grey week! So, what’s there better to do than sitting in a cosy café, sipping a hot cup of coffee, enjoying a chocolate tarte and watch the rain pour down on the streets? Good for us that there are so many cute little coffee houses in Salzburg!

My current favourite is the “Favorit Kamer” in the middle of the busy Linzergasse. This place is even more than just a café, its actually a concept store where the sensation of coffee is united with a small store in the back and a hand spa.

Of course, you can visit any other coffee house on a rainy day as well, check out other blog-posts for inspiration!

Where is it?

“Favorite Kamer” is located in the middle of the Linzergasse, number 33 to be exact. It’s very small, so be careful not to walk by!

How to get there?

The café is best accessible by foot or bike, the closest bus stop is about five minutes away. We recommend to get out at “Theatergasse” (Lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 21, 22, 25) or at “Hofwirt” with lines 4, 120, 130, 131, 140, 141 or 150.

Why is this spot perfect for rainy days?

Why shouldn’t it be the perfect spot for rainy days? It is warm and dry, the smell of coffee is in the air, you can enjoy a book, work, write your thesis or simply watch the people around you (because let’s be honest, watching people is always fun). And – most importantly – they offer discounts for students!

For all you vegans out there: they also serve a fantastic oat-milk cappuccino!

What else can you do there?

Other than drinking coffee, you can check out their store in the back. Sniff on candles and treat you hands in their spa. In case that’s not manly enough, they also have a barber collection.

Once the rain has stopped and the sun comes out, you can enjoy some fresh ice creme in the store next door, called “Eis Greissler” or just stroll around the Linzergasse on the hunt for the next coffee hotspot.

What to bring?

Whatever makes you happy – book, laptop, nothing. Well, nothing besides money for our coffee of course.

Let us know if you liked our recommendation and comment below!