Vegan/lactose Free Ice Cream in Salzburg

I am sure many of you will agree that there’s no greater pleasure on a warm sunny day than eating a cool, delicious ice cream!

And more, there are a wide variety of reasons why folks have chosen to go dairy free, from being vegan or having allergies to cutting down on saturated fats.

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If you’re in Salzburg city and wondering where you can enjoy your vegan delicacies , luckily, there are affordable places across Salzburg where you can enjoy your favourite vegan treat.

Eisgrotte Salzburg in Getreidegasse and Rainerstraße offers a variety of dairy free ice cream and non-dairy ice cream alternatives, they have many options of savouring a sweet, frozen treat without milk. You might want to try their Strawberry, Mango or Lime ice cream for just one Euro!

The stores are perfectly located, Eisgrotte in Getreidegasse is located at the university square so after a walk in the old city town you can walk in a buy your favourite vegan ice cream. If you are at Mirabell Garden you can walk in at Eisgrotte in Rainerstraße and treat yourself.

Eisgrotte Salzburg.