Treasure Coffee Spots in Salzburg

“Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.”

Earl Wilson

Yet coffee break brings joy not only to the office workers. As students, we have experienced these sweet moments of coffee breaks during long days of lectures at the university. Nevertheless, no matter how happy we were about these breaks, the quality of the coffee left much to be desired. Therefore, we headed to the city center of beautiful Salzburg in search of something extraordinary, creative and of course for a cup of good coffee. We were lucky to find a good combination of it all. We were walking at Linzergasse when we crossed upon Vintage Coffe.

On that cold rainy day, it was the best place to go with friends. The cozy atmosphere made our time even more enjoyable. The style of this coffee spot is very extraordinary, decorated with different vintage pieces. Every element on the wall catches visitor’s eye and inspire to explore the small cafe. In contrast to the standard cafes, this one offers only small number of tables, and the furniture is selected according to the style of the cafe.

When we got our coffee, we immediately were willing to taste it. Amazing aroma spread throughout the whole cafe. After the first sip, we all agreed on the high quality of the served coffee. This cup helped us to wake up and poured the energy into us even on that rainy morning. Our discussions became more active and joyful.

After a while, when the cup was half full, I could not stop thinking about this tasty coffee. So, I’ve decided to have a small talk with the owner of this small, cozy cafe. I was interested in which coffee beans do they use. The owner was very open and friendly. He told me not only the name of the coffee, which was Kimbo but also a little bit about this coffee. Kimbo is a company which produces Neapolitanian coffee. This company is proven to have a long experience in the industry and offer its clients Italian coffee of the finest quality.

img 2399

We have lost the track of time, while exploring this unusual place, having great coffee and perfect time on Monday morning. We definitely recommend this place to the students and young people who are looking for something exceptional.

Address: Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 6, 5020 Salzburg