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After enjoying lunch at the famous Hangar-7 we head into the city center of Salzburg. Fortunately, we had a designated driver that day, nevertheless, you can also take public transport to get there. Just next to the airport is a bus stop, from where you can get to the city center. 

Our destination for the next Spritzer is the monkeys-bar located right at the lovely river Salzach, opposite of the city´s old town. We chose that place for our next Spritzer as we all just love that place, which offers a great view onto the city´s castle and is just comfortable to enjoy the nice weather near the river. 

Parking our car at a nearby parking-lot we head over the river Salzach using the small bridge called Mozartsteg. By the way this path connecting the shores of the river is a perfect spot for taking a picture of yourself and the old town in the background. At the bar itself we decided to order a coffee to get activated again and stop the tiredness after our amazing and filling lunch at the Hangar-7. We all love coffee and well, you know as students, kind of need it especially after days of studying combined with a packed schedule.

“Great view onto the city and castle, chilled vibes – just a great place to hang” – literally everyone

Deep in our conversations we start feeling the awakening-power of the coffee we just sipped. And here we are again, right back in the mood for another glass of  Spritzer – after all we deserved it, after such a hard exam in the morning. The bar´s Spritzer are really good and reasonably priced as well – just the right fit for students. Moreover, except for the classic white Spritzer (white wine with sparkling water) you can choose from a variety of Spritzer creations which refined with different tastes of fruits and herbs. Sitting there and taking in all the sun we could have possibly get, we kind of forgot the time and really missed the point at which we should have left for our next destination, but eh I guess it didn´t really matter. After choosing the good side of live and simply enjoying the time, we ordered a second Spritzer and continued our conversation and joking around. 

That´s probably why we chose to go there – monkeys bar just makes you forget the time and really enjoy yourself. Whether that´s because of the great location or due to the Spritzer´s effect of not wanting to stand up and leave. 

I mean, at some time we just had to go and leave this amazing spot, not without a bitter mind, but with the promise to come back soon.  

Salzburg, wine, Spritzer, enjoy
Heading to the next spot…

Anyway, if you want to enjoy a Spritzer at an remarkably mesmerizing spot in the city centre, monkeys is definitely the place to visit. You can also connect it with a walk along the river on a sunny day, you will not regret it!  

In the next blog you´ll find our thoughts about a more classic(al) way to enjoy Spritzer in Salzburg. Stay tuned.

Where´s that place at you ask?

Here: Imbergstraße 2A, 5020 Salzburgh