3rd stop: Café Tomaselli

We take a seat in front of the pavilion on the lovely terrace from where we can observe the tourists taking pictures and enjoy the warm sun rays. Finally, the waiter comes and we order Spritzer first. The drinks arrive in a very traditional way. On a silver plate with water aside the detail of elegance is put into focus. It felt a little bit like being back in former times, as part of the hautevolee talking about the well performed Jedermann and gossiping about who wore the nicer dresses, who was absent in the auditorium. Just kidding, but honestly, we enjoyed the way it was served. The way in which cake is serve is also an extraordinary experience which you will not find very often anywhere else. A lady in a black dress with a white apron arrives with a plate of pastries and cakes at the table, so you can choose your preferred piece directly on the table. We were overwhelmed with the choice. Primarily, the sweets are Austrian, as for instance you will be offered  Applestrudel, Sachertorte, Linzerschnitte. You can aso try cakes from neighbor countries such as the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which is German or Tiramisu, the Italian specialty. After struggling for a while and discussions about what one likes and the other don´t, about chocolate and calories we were able to make choice. We shared a chocolate bomb, with a cremé de Paris and fruits on top and a creamy filling inside. It was simply delicious. 

After walking along the river and taking our time to take pictures at the Mozartsteg we wander into the old town. It is mid-afternoon, sunny and the spring feeling is on. So what´s next? An ice cream, a frozen yoghurt, but traditionally what fit´s best? A cake! In the middle of the old town there is a place which is famous for Austrian pastries and cakes. So we head to the spot called Alter Markt (Old Market). Which is right in the center. And there it is, Café Tomaselli. There are two locations. One is opened all around the year, the other one is the pavilion you cannot miss when you pass by, this one is opened only during warmer periods. 

Of course, the historical 300-year-old café where the idea for the Salzburger music festivals was born has much more to offer then spritzer and cake. People use to say “a good day starts with breakfast at Tomaselli”. The variety of coffees is determined by the Austrian coffee specialities Kapuziner, Cappuccino with whipped cream instead of milk foam and café Americano which we call “Verlängerter”. When you do not feel like having a cake, coffee or Spritzer, try the freshly pressed juices or the homemade ice cream. 

After sipping out our Spritzer and the sweet treat, we dive deeper onto the treasures of the old town until we reach our next destination which will be more modern but fancy as well. For more information read the next blog post about Carpe Diem

Where´s that place at you ask?

Here: Alter Markt 9, 5020 Salzburg
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