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Top best foods in Salzburg at PitterKeller of Imlauer Hotel


If you need the top best foods in Salzburg, yes, of course, the answer is PitterKeller of Imlauer Hotels. The PitterKeller gives the best foods and tops.

Ownership of this place in Salzburg

Since 1885 up to today, 138 years, this hotel Brand has been capable of dividing the authentic spirits for anybody who visits this beautiful city from next door or from far away. Karl Pieter & Babette Pietter were the initial founders as well as the first generation of the ownership, and they were able to convert a beer hall into a luxury hotel with 200 rooms today.

The traditional gastronomy brand has 2 hotels in this city, one hotel is Hotel Bräu and the other one is Pitter. This place welcomes you in the heart of the city of Salzburg (nearly 5 minutes from the City center) and do not forget that the world-famous Mirabell Palace is just a short distance away. This traditional center of foods is in the four-star category and continuing for a long time as a family-running business. While feeling the pulse of this historical town of Mozart, you can taste the classical essence of people who live here at this place in the beautiful city.


History of this place from Salzburg

This place is known as a leader in traditional cuisine in the area of this city. Since 1926, It’s been a popular meeting spot for locals and guests from all over the world. This sub-unit of Imlauer hotel represents the oldest beer cellar in this city. Still, this traditional palace of foods has old and historic wall paintings which show its long history.

This place is famous for the Austrian classics and regional specialties like Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Beef Gulasch, Kasnocken (Nockerl), and Salzburger Nockerl. A cozy corner of this place in the city would remind you of the authenticity of the city with the foods like roast pigs, crunchy salads, prime boiled beef, prime boiled beef, as well as the drinks like cold beers with a list of 30 varieties.


Customers of this place in Salzburg

This eating house has vegan and vegetarian options as well on its menu. Among organic products, organic sheep’s cheese is special on their menu. This eating house uses regional suppliers to get the best fresh vegetables and meat. The customer reviews of this eating house on trip advisor are also high compared to other traditional eateries. They have achieved 50th place in this city out of other 540 eateries. Moreover, Out of five, they have achieved four ratings. Both tourists and locals are the target groups in this eating house.


Opening hours of this place in Salzburg

This place has a medium price range for their dishes up to high prices. Normally, June to August and December to February are the seasons in this town. This eatery has a maximum of around 50 seating capacity. Although it seems, this delicious eatery is a chain hotel, the reality is that it is a family-owned hotel.

The opening hour of this place is Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. as well as Saturday 5 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. There are good job opportunities for students in this eating house and the location of this place has very easy access like five minutes from the city center.


Menu of this place in Salzburg

This brand has categorized its menu into a few segments like starters, tasty soups, small dishes, salads, Austrian classics, our specialties, vegetarian & fish, and Austrian desserts. Their famous Austrian classic dishes are Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb ,Tafelspitz vom heimischen Rind ,Zwiebelrostbraten vom heimischen Rind ,Halbes österreichisches Backhendl ,Riesenbratwurst ,Heimisches Rindsgulasch von der Wade  and Pitter-Cheeseburger.

Their famous specilities are Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein ,Ofenfrischer Schweinsbraten ,Würzige Ripperl vom Schwein mit Pommes Frites ,PitterKeller-Pfandl and Linseneintopf mit Semmelknödel & Speckknacker.

Their fish and vegetarian varieties are Gebratenes Seesaiblingsfilet, Linguini ,Hausgemachte originale Pinzgauer Kasnockn,Gerösteter Knödel  and Linseneintopf.They have an additional bear menu also and they have categorized their beer menu into few segments like Bier vom Fass, Bier aus der Flasche, Spezialbier aus der Flasche and Alkoholfreie Biere.


The contact details of this place in Salzburg

The team of this brand will welcome any guest through their below-mentioned contact details. If someone wants to walk or drive directly, the address of this restaurant of Imlauer hotel in city center is Rainerstraße 6, Ecke Auerspergstr, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich. If someone wants to call or fax to make a reservation, the contact details are

  • Tel: +43 (662) 88 978 780
  • Fax: +43 662-87 88 93.

As well as if some want to write an email, the email address is Their website is also a good source of information for any guest under the link of PitterKeller Salzburg – Pitterkeller ( Reserve a date, then go and enjoy the authentic smells of Salzburg, Austria at this place.

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