#StayHomeStayinAustria: Journey to Großglockner

These were hard days. Days full of worries, days without proper communication and motivation. But we have made it. Finally, at least the borders of our homes open. That is why it is time to recharge your batteries. And there is no better place than nature of Austria to get free and inspired. Fortunately, we have so many facilities around us to make our summer unforgettable despite all the circumstances and closed borders.

Get on, I am inviting you with me to Großglockner, the famous mountain road in Austrian Alps which leads through the blooming Alpine meadows and wooded mountain ranges of the High Tauern National Park to the highest peak in Austria, the Grossglockner (3798 m). 


“Here you will definitely feel the freedom by driving with a great view and merging with nature. This is exactly what makes the Grossglockner panoramic road one of the most visited places in Austria. Don’t forget to stop by, take a seat on the bench and breathe deeply.”

Follow the road and stop by the Edelweissspitze. Take a look around and don’t hurry. If a huge cloud comes, don’t get sad, it’s the sign that you need to slow down. Make a wish, wait a little bit and you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature again.

So, we are coming closer to the main attraction – Kaiser Franz Joseph Center. It overlooks the longest glacier in the East of the Alps, the Pasterze. In the centre, it is very pleasant to walk along the mountain trails, enjoying the surrounding environment, feed funny Alpine marmots and recharge with positive emotions.

After those kilometres full of emotions and inspiration, it’s time to enjoy a great traditional meal and drink some beer or coffee looking on the grandiose glacier and feeling the power of the mountains around. Don’t forget cash, they say that the Internet connection is bad at the peak and the card terminal temporarily doesn’t work. They must have another measure of time, this terminal hasn’t been working since my first visit – 4 years ago. 


It’s time to go downhill. On your way, you will see a great viewpoint, get off the car, dance with friends and feel freedom. Don’t forget to take a photo again. Although this picture will stick to your memory for forever, it’s worth having it in one of the folders of your phone.

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