TikTok as a promotion tool for Pirker’s Biohotel

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As TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the last year, many businesses have started to use it as a tool for promotion and marketing. The rise of popularity of TikTok can relate to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it brings positive aspects because it can help businesses to attract new customers and entertain the regular ones. Therefore, we decided to create a TikTok account for the family-owned Pirker’s Biohotel. 

One of the main ideas behind the content of the TikTok account is that we want to present the hotel’s indoor and outdoor area, its surroundings and combine it with fun. All the posts will follow the current TikTok trends and trendy music to attract higher number of viewers and show, that even hotel can have funny social media content.  Therefore, it is essential to follow other TikTok accounts and watch their content frequently in order to be aware of the current trends and successful moves. 

Being active on TikTok was at first something unknown for Jenny (daughter of the owners) since she did not have a TikTok account in the beginning of our project, and therefore did not even share the enthusiasm for making TikTok videos of their hotel. However, it did not last long, and she got addicted to it like me and Sophie. And in the end, we have TikTok editorial plan for the Pirker’s Biohotel!

The editorial plan consists of our ideas as well as ideas of Jenny’s sister who takes care about the graphics, website, and social media content. The main topics for the posts are the cleanliness and high hygiene standards since guests nowadays look for these aspects. Thus, for instance, the first video is going to show the process of cleaning the hotel before its opening. But the idea is also to show the guests what could be expected upon arrival, how the check-in process works, showing the interior and present the guest the beauty of nature in which the hotel is surrounded. Furthermore, we plan to film some crafting tips or cooking recipes. 

We also discussed that many videos can be filmed during one day and then stay in the drafts as long as needed since TikTok enables you to save drafts. There the videos can stay either already edited or unedited with a possibility to be edited anytime later. This option definitely saves time and also gives us some kind of a backup if, for instance, the weather is not nice on the day of publishing and no drafts are stored.

All in all, we see a potential in this platform and believe that it could help Pirker’s Biohotel to gain new followers and entertain the loyal ones. In addition, we think that an advantage of having videos on TikTok is that we can easily share it on Instagram Reels too and therefore we have content for two platforms simultaneously. So, do not forget to check the Instagram of Pirker’s Biohotel and more importantly follow the new Pirker’s Biothotel TikTok account! 

Have fun watching our content!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pirkers.biohotel/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pirkers.biohotel?lang=cs-CZ

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