The successstory of Gerald Stangl and mySugr!

emarketing 18279901 10209240820918649 1644923168 nThis week we are presenting you a very interesting interview with the former FH Salzburg student Gerald Stangl, who is the cofounder of the successful app mySugr!

The successstory of mySugr began in 2009, when one of Gerald Stangls’ friends had diabetes type 1 and came up with the idea to develop an app that can help people with diabetes to handle their illness better. One year of intensive research and development was necessary before the four friends could present their product for the first time on the market. A grant of 149.000€ from AWS PreSeed supported the young team in the beginning of developing their business. Get your own grant at

Learning by doing is the motto of Gerald Stangl!

The university prepared him with the fundamental skills, but most of the knowledge he needed for the development he acquired by himself. However, the network of friends and colleagues he gained while going to University was the crucial point of his career because “when you start something I learned that nobody actually wants to work with you”. This is where his network of former colleagues helped a lot since they knew each other already and had a lot of mutual trust.

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