The Salzburg Whiskey Museum

Our journey for the best Irish bar in Salzburg beings in Puch Urstein with four very thirsty Irish people. It has nearly become a cliché at this stage that wherever we go, anywhere in the world we’ll always

end up in an Irish bar singing our beloved Irish songs with strangers who have become our best friends over the course of one or two pints. So here in Salzburg, things are no different. Through a massive screening process that took three or four nights to decide to narrow down our four favourites to The Irish Whiskey Museum, O’Malley’s Irish Bar, The Celtic Spirit, and The Dubliner. We have decided to rate these place in terms of ‘The Atmosphere’, ‘The best student bar’ ‘best date spot’ and The best place to get a Guinness’. So without any further ado let’s dive in. Today I will be discussing our trip to The Whiskey Museum.

The little gem is nestled in a medieval style side street that connects Schwarzstraße to Dreifaltigkeitsgasse in the new side of the city. This place is open every day from 6 in the evening until   2-3 in the morning



The bar is exactly what it says on the tin, a whiskey bar. When you walk through the door into this quaint low lite nook you are greeted with a range of different kinds of whiskeys behind the bar and if you are interested they also do whiskey tastings on request.

Our first experience in this bar was on St Patrick’s night of this year. We noticed that there weren’t many places to sit and that the place had a small feel to it but when we returned last week we realised that this bar is more for people coming for a quiet drink or for a tasting rather than a mad session. When we walked in the door we were welcomed by the sound of a beautiful pianist playing away in the corner and a warm friendly smile from the bartender. The theme of music runs right through the bar, even as far as the bathrooms where they have piano keys for a flusher which is a lovely touch. Also, for all you non-smokers out there who get choked up from being inside in these Salzburg bars for too long we were reassured by the lovely 

owner Chris that they have an excellent circulatory system in place which forced the smoke to rise and disappear into the vents making it easy to sit and relax in this bar for hours without passing out from the fumes. After leaving we all agreed that it would be a perfect location for a date with someone special or even just a place to relax with friends for the evening and listen to some music.