The Guest Favourite Luxury Hotel in the World – 2022.

Student workers at hotel Sacher Salzburg

LHW – “The Leading Hotels of the world” is an Association of authentic and uncommon luxury hotels including more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries. Hotel Sacher Salzburg won the award of the guest favourite hotel in the world in 2022 at the annual convention which took place in Mexico. Under the current competition, winning an award is not an easy task. Therefore, under the topic of luxury hotels in Salzburg, we are talking about Hotel Sacher Salzburg.

Guest Favourite Hotel World Award 2022

Uniqueness of Hotel Sacher.

If you have been to Austria, you would already have heard about Original Sacher. There is a huge different in Sacher-Torte and the Original Sacher-Torte. You should try the Original Sacher-Torte once in your life. The original Sacher Torte was created in 1832. Afterwards, Hotel Sacher Vienna was opened in 1876 by the son of the founder of Original Sacher-Torte. There are lot of luxury hotels available in Austria, but none of them have this historical uniqueness which lasts until today.

Therefore, Original Sacher-Torte and Hotel Sacher cannot be considered as two different entities. Specially, the main character of today’s blog, “Hotel Sacher Salzburg” was born in 2000. So, from now onwards you will get to know about the benefits which a student can be obtained through hotel Sacher Salzburg and other interesting details.

Original Sacher torte

Benefits for the students.

Humans are naturally fond of receiving benefits. Here we are talking about the benefits of working at hotel Sacher Salzburg in a perspective of a student. I can definitely talk about these things since I am working at hotel Sacher since 2021. I started my career at the hotel as a housekeeper and currently, I am working as a night auditor at front desk.

One of the most important factors in a job is the salary. Specially, working at hotel Sacher, you would be able to earn more than the other students who work in other hotels. Even though, salary is considered to be a main factor in the job, some people do not get motivated only with the salary. They expect different things in addition to the salary such as recognition, working culture, and possibility to climb the Carrer ladder etc. As a working student, you are entitled to all the benefits mentioned above regardless of your nationality, skin colour or the language you speak.

Interior of Hotel Sacher Salzburg

After the pandemic, world is going towards an economic recession. Currently in 2022, Austria reports it’s all-time high inflation rate so far. Therefore, hotel Sacher management decided to give Euro 250 for each employee regardless of any criteria to help them under this situation. This one-time bonus has already been deposited to the employee’s bank accounts in middle of November 2022.

Also, hotel management decided to buy the “Klima ticket” for all the employees or else they can get an interest free loan from hotel to buy an electric scooter. There are more benefits to the employees who work at hotel Sacher which does not mention here. Therefore, this is a great working place for who expects both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Student Worker Part time

Working Culture.

Hotel Sacher consists with a multi-cultural working environment. Specially, a friendly working environment. Any person who comes from different country can be suited for the team as the working culture plays a major role in the workplace. Specially, all the department heads are doing a great job. The respective department heads are really friendly and supportive for the students. They give all the possible supports to the working students. Such as giving day offs during examination periods to get ready for the examinations.

As of 25th November 2022, hotel Sacher Salzburg consisting with 161 one team members. These, 161 team members represents the Sacher brand and these team members are coming from following countries such as,

  • Afghanistan (2), Egypt (1), Bosnia (4), Bulgaria (2), Chilie (1), Germany (21), France (1), Greece (11), Iraq (1), Iran (1), Italy (5), Kenya (1), Kosovo (1), Croatia (5), Morocco (3), Montenegro (1), Nicaragua (1), Nederland’s (3), Austria (65), Philipine (2), Poland (4), Romania (10), Serbia (1), Slovakia (1), Spain (1), Sri Lanka (1), Syria (1), Ukraine (6), Hungary (2), United States (1), Cyprus (1). Therefore, with the above list, it is easy to verify the multinational culture at hotel Sacher Salzburg.
Infront of Sacher Salzbrug

Even though Austria is a German speaking country, if you are a student and you speak fluent English, you can join the team. But the official business language at hotel Sacher is German language. But it does not mean that, you don’t have any opportunity if you are not fluent in German language.

So, if you wish to apply for hotel Sacher, you can use this link #sacherleben – Die Karriereseite des Hotels Sacher in Salzburg to apply directly via hotel portal. The interview process will be different according to the job position. But interviews are also conducted in a really friendly environment.


When it comes to the students, you can choose preferable working hours according to your choice. Either 20 hours per week, 15 hours per week or 10 hours per week. If you don’t have any legal constrains, then you can even work full time during your studies. Specially, House Keeping department, F&B department and Front office looking forward for the student workers. The contact persons regarding the job opportunities are, Stefanie Poschinger – Executive Human Resource Manager (sposchinger@sacher.com) and Tatjana Waldburg-Zeil – HR Agent (twaldburgzeil@sacher.com).

Finally, the most important advantage of working at hotel Sacher Salzburg is that you can work full time after you finished your studies. Therefore, working at Sacher ensures your job security too.


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