You read right, Ichi go Ichi e is in town!

Through social media, we have discovered that a new ramen restaurant has opened its door in Salzburg. Our friend Xu have posted d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s looking dishes. The Kung Food Panda did not waste their day. We headed over to our class to discover and taste this new prodigy of Salzburg.

We took the S3 and got out at Gnigl, we walked for about 10 minutes on the Sterneckstraße and found the restaurant on the corner of Sterneckstraße and Doktor-Karl-Renner-Straße just in front of the Eurospar. As it was the first day of Ichi go Ichi e, everyone walking through the front door was right away appealed to find a cozy and modern Asian restaurant. The design of the restaurant is different from other mainstream Asian restaurants in Salzburg. It is calm and serene, its atmosphere has help poise our starving warrior spirits right away.

Ichi go Ichi Ramen's, Black Garlic, Miso & Beef, Peanut butter & Beef
Ichi go Ichi Ramen’s

The menu comprises of delicious Asian entries. The menu of Ramen consists of:
Beef with peanut sauce butter, Classic black garlic, Special beef Ramen and Ramen with Miso soup & Pork. Good luck choosing the one you want 😊. We had chosen 3 of those 4 dishes presented, For the starter, we choose calamari and jiaozi’s, the calamari had a delicious spicy mayo sauce which made us all happy. Catalina, Simon, and Michela had the black garlic, they loved it, the pork was melting in the mouth. Fionna and Agatha had the one with beef and peanut butter which was extremely filling, tasty, however heavy. Kayle had special beef Ramen, his beef was so tender, it was the best beef we all had in Salzburg! It was really Kung food kicking!!

Sterneckstraße 33, 5020 Salzburg