The begin of Mozart Kugel Project

It is story of four international student at the University of Applied Science Salzburg, Austria. It was Wednesday 4th of November 2015, our E-marketing lecturer came in to class after greeting the class he told class that he has a nice idea to make the class more enjoyable and a great learning experience and most importantly to have practical knowledge in E-marketing. All of us were surprised and were looking forward to know what it will be.   After a while we were informed that, we are going to work on different project which will be related to E-marketing. For a while all of us got confused because it sound like we are going to get a project like professional web marketing and web designing. However in the same time our teacher told us that it will be a fun project and he will be leading and guiding all of us during the whole project. Then we could breathe some relaxing breath. The teacher starting to explain how and on what kind of project we can choice. We had to make groups of four to five students who will carry different projects.


We four friends all from a different nation decide to work together and start to think of what can be best to choice e-marking project. We start to Bain storming about the project. All of the sudden in my next row one of our classmate was enjoying a Mozart Kugel. For a while I thought, it will be great idea to work on Mozart Kugel, since we are in Salzburg, and a lot of tourist visiting Salzburg every year, returned their homes they bought Mozart kugel as souvenir for their loved once and friends, of course Mozart represent Salzburg.

When I shared my idea with my group, they were happy and said this will be nice project to work on. After agreeing with all my group member we presented our idea to teacher and we got approved from him as well.

Our group agreed to sit together after class and discuss on how we will be continue our project and what we will do and how we can make it more interesting and appealing for the audience.

We decided to do some research on Mozart Kugel, since we were international student so we were not well aware of Mozart kugel. So we came up with some question.

  • Who invented Mozart Kugel?
  • When it was founded?
  • How many kind of Mozart Kugel is there?
  • How many ingredients in it?

After finding out these answering by doing research, our next step will be, to take interviews from different people including locals and tourist.  For the interview we make some funny question to asking for the interviewee whether they know about Mozart kugel or not , which can be seen on the video we up loaded on our blog. We really had loads of difficulities from ignoring tourist to shop keeper throwing us out for telling the truth about the inventor but we also had a lot of fun and it was defiantly very interesting.


Check our video on youtube: What people know about Mozart Kugel