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The task in this year’s e-Marketing & Social Media Marketing course was to create a social media strategy for a Buddy. Our group focused on the pirker’s organic and family hotel in Malta. In order to find the right ideas for the social media content, we looked at the hotel itself as well as the values and the target group.

As the chosen hotel is the one of my parents where I grew up, I personally have a very strong connection to pirker’s and was able to inform the rest of the group sufficiently about all the important things that need to be considered during the course.

Our hotel is located in the Maltatal valley in Carinthia, surrounded by nature and waterfalls. The hotel is currently run by my parents in the fourth generation and we have rebranded in times of the Corona closure. The hotel used to be called Kinderhotel Benjamin, especially since my grandparents were co-founders of Kinderhotels Europa, which was established in Carinthia.

In 2013, my parents decided to break new ground and so we became a member of the Biohotels Europa Group and have even been climate neutral since 2019. The rebranding has also changed the name of the hotel and the Kinderhotel Benjamin has become the pirker’s Natur- und Bio Familienhotel. 
Due to the rebranding, the focus of the social media strategy development was on the redesign of the existing Instagram account and also on the announcement of the new logo. Further planning also took into account our values as well as the target groups, which are families as well as nature lovers who visit us for their hiking, cycling and climbing holidays.

Since we target families very strongly, another idea besides the development of the Instagram account was to also create a TikTok account in order to use this channel as well to mainly target the younger generation.

This resulted in many ideas and a detailed editorial plan that will be implemented over this summer.

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