Staying active during the quarantine

During this time that we are mostly spending at home and we are not allowed to keep with our sport activities as we were used to, it is important to find alternatives to keep ourselves active and healthy. There are a number of different activities that everybody can do, without having a lot of space or professional equipment.


Before the quarantine started I used to go to the gym daily. I like to do physical activity because it makes me feel good. Also I enjoyed going to the gym because it was a moment of socializing  with other friends that were also frequenting the same gym and we were working out together, which makes the time spent there even more fun. I normally went around 18.00 in the evening because that was the time of the day I felt I need a break from studying, so I took advantage of it and went to exercise. Of course, it is not possible right now to keep with the same routine, but I found an alternative that works perfectly for me. Of course everybody likes different activities and what works for me does not necessarily work for others too.

Start your day right!

I usually start my day with some stretching yoga. I do it first thing in the morning, alone, with my pijama on. Since I tried it for the first time it became a very important part of my day. It allows me to meditate and focus on myself.  I enjoy it because it helps me to start my day with the right attitude, first of all, it helps me to wake up. It also helps me to focus on my day, what I would like to achieve. It is a mix of meditation and body waking up and it only takes 10 minutes. There are plenty of examples available on youtube, differing on the length and difficulty level. While I do it I like to open my window and let some fresh air into the room and enjoy the sunlight. After stretching up I am ready to start my day.

get some fresh air!

Do what makes you feel good!

In the evenings, I usually take one hour to maximum one hour and a half for another exercise session. I usually do it in the afternoon, but the time varies from day to day, depending on my work  that I have to get done during the day. Usually, when I feel that I need a break from the studies, I start to get ready to exercise. Firstly, I go for a run. This, I must admit, I enjoy very much. Since we must stay inside in our homes during the day, I enjoy taking some fresh air and just simply staying outside for a while. I am very lucky because I live close to the woods, which gives me also an amazing landscape to enjoy while I run.  I run for approximately half an hour, then I return home and I continue doing other exercises. Also, I never run alone, my little brother always comes with me. Which makes the running trip even more fun and entertaining. When we return home, we both have our set of exercises that we continue doing. He usually makes abs exercises, I continue with other legs exercises. I alternate the exercises depending on the set that I made the previous day. I choose three exercises daily. Also, there are plenty of exercise examples available on the internet, everybody can find something that suits them the most. After finishing with our body exercises, we stretch together. This time of the day when I exercise is extremely important to me and whenever I don’t do it I miss it.


Especially during the quarantine because we are limited with the activities we can do, it is important not to forget about our mental and physical health. It is important to remember to put attention on our body, because we only have one and we must take good care of it! Everybody knows what works best for them, what kind of exercises they enjoy the most. The most important thing is to do something that makes us feel good! 🙂 

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