#StayHomeCoffeeCulture – A Family Lunch in Quarantine

Currently, we are four (out of 6) people, who work from home and most of the time we are all occupied with doing our stuff until lunch time having meetings, lectures and phone calls. All of us are sitting in different rooms, crossing the fingers that the internet connection is sufficient for all of us (spoiler-alert: it doesn´t). Most of the time it is also difficult to find a place in the house were nobody is disturbing you and you can hear nobody talking in the background. Sometimes, this means that you have to listen to your lectures in your car (and yes I spilt coffee on my car seat) If you are especially lucky like me and have a cabrio, you might even get a tan! From time to time, especially me and my dad, meet at the coffee machine and have a little chat what´s going on, what we should do for lunch and what chocolate we have in the cupboard (because you know, after an 1 hour of working, a Lindt Easter bunny is essential!).

Sometimes, it feels a little bit like working in a company, rather than “being at home”, with the only difference that in the evening I go the three steps from my desk to my bed and that there is also no cafeteria, where I can get my food from (at least not without cooking myself!) We also came to the conclusion that doing meetings or other business related stuff inside the bed, leads to us sleeping in the bed at some point, therefore we managed to somehow put together a DIY-desk, made from some wood we found in the garage, as we did not have enough tables in the house. We somehow made it work that everybody has at least a chair and a desk in the size of a chopping board.


As I am most flexible with my time schedule, most of the time I am the one, making lunch for the whole family. However, finding a spot where everybody has enough time to enjoy lunch is another chapter. We installed a shared family calendar, so that we somehow enable it every day. During the last two weeks I really made an effort to try out new recipes, to use the things we have in the fridge and to combine new things. I even set up my own sourdough and baked a lot of bread and cake for the neighbourhood and my grandma. I could probably write my own cookbook with just the recipes I have tried out in the last two weeks. From time to time, one of my three siblings is assisting me, (most of the time this happens when they get the mathematic homework sent from school). Then I cook lunch together. Most of the time I have my laptop next to me, answering emails or watching the news, or some Netflix, sometimes I also have a black coffee whilst cooking, which is something I definitely do not do in university. Then, on a good day, all of us six have lunch together, chat to each other, sometimes argue with each other and most of the time we also have a coffee together. On the weekends, or if we all have enough time we even play some Skippo or UNO. Then we go back to our “offices” and see each other at dinner, or at the coffee machine…


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