Wait, what? I have to stay inside all the time? I mean, I don’t go outside much anyways but then I choose to stay home and now I’m forced to. This is a weird situation for the world population. But let’s stay positive and try to fill the day with as much fun and inside activities as possible. 


Here come some ideas:

Usually I start my morning with some cleaning, it just feels better to relax in a clean environment. I load the dishwasher, take out my Swiffer and start a playlist.
Granted, I keep the window cleaning for someday in the future 😇


When the crib is clean, I take out a book and read, if I feel like it – okay you’re right. I watch Netflix. All day long. OH and now we have Disney+. Upgrade 😎

As soon as my eyes start to take on a square shape, I switch to doing a puzzle, so much fun and only costs me nerves worth half of the day, YAY.


And coffee. Coffee is my best friend in the whole wide world. What I need the energy for? I have absolutely no idea but hey, we all need a cup of sunshine every once in a while.

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