#Stayhome – Quarantine Lazy Nights

Disappointment ☹ Laziness ☹ Repetition ☹ or looking for something Different 😊 than usual Routine.

Heeelloooooo, welcome to my blog.

Me (imagination): How fun it would be without the university, work 😊😊😊 (yes, finally I can enjoy my time staying home and sleeping as long as I want)

Reality: I am tired of being at home and always confined myself in the same area. (I want to go outside, to university, to work!!!) — I don’t want to be at home anymore ☹

Me: Do all the assignments, Bachelor Thesis ☹

Reality: I can’t write anything, no more motivation, because the coronavirus ☹ has already killed my motivations and inspirations ☹.

Here are some activities, which I repeat almost everynights!!! During the night……..

First of all, eating foods, 🙂

Secondly, going to the roof, from where you can have a nice view of the “Fortress Hohensalzburg”.


Surprisingly, watching horror movies!!!! obvioulsy in NETFLIX!!! one of my best frined:)


Here are three suggestions for you all. What you absolutely don’t do —–

First of all, don’t be scared of anything, be brave 😊 and motivated😊 to do something. And do not think that the shadow is following you 😊

Secondly, don’t watch horror movies in the night and never think about it while going to bed.

Most importantly, try to be fit, active and follow at least a minimum routine for easy-going life😊 even though it is corona ☹ time☹.

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