Where locals and foreigners meet – the place to be in the city of Salzburg!

Let us call it fancy, famous, special, hostile and most definitely POSH! Being situated in the city of Salzburg it unquestionably represents its decadent, elegant and exclusive image and characteristics. The secret fascination for locals and foreigners is the liqueur and punch manufacturer “Sporer”, located in the famous Getreidegasse in the city centre of Salzburg.

The very small pub has attracted people for over 100 years and still represents its best products. Being famous for their own Organgepunch, which they created in the year of 1927, they offer a great range of further high-quality delicious products. Whether it is one of their herb  or other liqueurs, punches, sprits and schnapps, they always try to serve you the best they have and recommend your best match. A pub that represents history and family created with a lot of love, harmony and friendliness. With all these characteristics, the Sporer-family is definitely one of the most famous within the city centre. To be honest, they deserve it and I can only add that I would even consider them as a part of the most important places to visit within our beautiful city of Salzburg.

Sporer Likör- & Punschmanufaktur
Getreidegassse 39
5020 Salzburg


Written by:

Jeannine Ölschuster