In the course of Social Media Marketing and e-Marketing, we (Chiara, Samira, Annamária and Valentina) established a social media strategy for a regional hair salon located in Saalfelden, Austria. Our idea is based on attracting customers via the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. In this context, we defined a SMART goal, which reprsents the following characteristics: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

“We will use Instagram and Facebook for customer support. We want to achieve a response rate of under one hour to offer best possible service for our clients online”.

Social Media forms an important technology that allows to create and share information and ideas online. Especially during the current global pandemic, social media offers many advantages such as simplified interaction with customers and prospective clients, creating incentives, raising awareness, monitoring competitors and offering additional customers service online.

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Additionally, we focused on the creation of certain incentives for our clients. Those mainly include the offer of loyality gift cards (discounts), birthday promotions, online give-aways and appointment booking online. Post-covid, we want to host small “get-together” to present the newest hair products to customers and prospective clients. The products used in the hair salon are mainly by the brand Kevin Murphy as shown on the cover image.

Furthermore, the creation of a photo wall in the hair salon forms one of the most important incentives within our strategy. We want to offer a photo wall to our customers, which can be used for taking pictures and subsequently to post online if desired. By using hashtags it will be easier to reach out to target groups and customers will find additional information more easily.

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