Have you ever been to one of Salzburg’s most iconic market? If not, it is your time; the Salzburg Grünmarket has been in the city’s heart for over 150 years and just waiting for you.

The place is open every day of the week except Sunday. It is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. On Saturdays, the fair is open from 7 am to 3 pm. The fair is easy to find, as it is in University Square’s heart of the city. It is effortless for students to get to the fair. The university campus and library are only 2 minutes away from the fair. But it is also easily accessible by bike, bus, or foot.


The market has an extraordinary atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, it is open almost every day of the week. But still, the best atmosphere is in the morning, when the vendors unpack their fresh goods and offer them to the people. That’s when you can smell the new food in the air. In the morning, we can watch how the different generations meet each other. The young people are usually going to university, and the elderly come out so early to buy fresh products from the sellers and growers. In contrast, younger people buy vegetables and prepare new bakery products, while the older generation purchases fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit.

  • Flowers

The Grünmarkt has excellent flower sellers. The flowers are always fresh and beautiful. The seller almost always has tulips and roses. Furthermore, they have more flowers during the seasons. And people can buy these flowers quickly and cheaply too. Moreover, the sellers are friendly and helpful if we have questions about the flowers.

  • Vegetables and Fruits

As we can see, the market has unique vegetable and Fruit sellers. The vegetables are very fresh and look fantastic. There are some exciting vegetables too, which are not very common in the supermarket. The selection is vast, and the price ratio value is also excellent. It might be a bit more expensive than the supermarket, but the product is much better and of higher quality. After all, it is home-grown, and we know what to eat.

  • Bakery Products

The buyers can buy fresh bread and tools. There is a large selection of them, but apart from that, there are also other different bakery products. The people can also buy different breads, like whole-grained and sourdough. In this way, everyone can find what suits them the most.

  • Seasonality Products

Many vendors who only sell temporarily visit the market, as most vendors prefer summer, better weather, and tourists. During this period, visitors can buy many local products and handicrafts. Such a handmade item can be a bag or soap. The vendors also sell a lot of things related to Salzburg.

Why is the Grünmarkt?

The grünmarket is one of the most iconic places in Salzburg. All locals know the market and visit it, furthermore, it is starting to spread more and more among tourists. The vendors offer customers the best products, often even those that customers cannot buy in supermarkets or other stores. Furthermore one of the best thing that we can not find in a supermarket is the vibe. This place have amazing vibe and the visitors can be understand if they are already there.


  • Open hours: Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday: 6 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Price: The price-value ratio is worth it.
  • Products: The products are of excellent quality, and there are wide varieties.

Other food markets in the City:

  • Tennengauer Wandermarkt
  • Bio Markt at Kajetanerplatz
  • Schranne in Salzburg

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