The peace of Wiestalstausee during Winter, Salzburg


Do you know that in Salzburg area there are more than six hundred lakes located all over the region?

Lakes as a natural beauty

It is often said that lakes can be a natural beauty that humankind can take advantage from to rest and relax in a familiar way. So, what Salzburg area gives you is an opportunity to experience a unique scenery and beautiful landscapes regarding this kind of natural environment.

As an Erasmus student that has been living in Salzburg for six months, I can personally say that the best lakes that I have been are the ones that were almost unknown, because not too many people were there so I could lay on the grass and have a great time visualizing the calm water.

Avoid over tourism

To relate this with the over tourism and in a way to avoid it and to expand the tourism in a more rural way I would like to introduce you to three unique lakes that not every citizen knows about them, talking about how to reach them and the price to get to them.

These natural enclosures have different goals, as one is also used to practice some sports and the other ones are to enjoy a small and unique lakes that have an astonishing landscape. The names are: Waldbad Anif, Krotensee and Wiestalstausee

1. Waldbad Anif

The Waldbad Anif is located on the outskirts of Salzburg and impresses with its crystal-clear mountain water in the middle of nature. Many small bays and bathing spots let you choose your personal favorite spot.

With the flair of a mountain lake and the amenities of a city pool, the forest pool is the first choice for those seeking relaxation.

What this lake provides you is also an opportunity to practice some sports such as volleyball and table tennis. So, this enclosure gives you all kind of different possibilities to enjoy it.

How to reach it

If you are going by bus use line 170, stop Maximarkt. At the roundabout head in the direction of the Maximarkt and follow the road for about 1 km to the entrance or you can take the S-Bahn to the Puch/Urstein stop and then walk 10-15 minutes downstream along the Salzach.

If you are going by car, which is easier because there is a parking there, if you are coming from Salzburg city, turn left at the roundabout Anif (Maximarkt). Coming from Hallein/Rif turn right. Follow the road for about 1 km.


Obviously, the price to go to the lake and enjoy it is free. Nevertheless, there are some freestyle water exercises that have a price. If you have the student ID the price to practice is 22€. Moreover, there is a small bar with cheap prices that are between 3€ and 10€.


This lake gives you a great opportunity to relax and have a bath in the water while practicing some sports as the facilities have the equipment to do so. It is never crowded as it is in an isolated emplacement.

2. Krotensee

Krotensee lies at the foot of the Schafberg between Wolfgangsee and Mondsee, south of the Scharflingerhöhe, the pass between the two lakes. Hüttenstein Castle is right on the shore so you can also enjoy the views of the castle that lies right next to the lake.

It is one of the most unknown lakes, as it is a small one and near of it you have the two lakes that I have previously mentioned. But the beauty of this natural beauty relies on the different vegetation that there is.

The Krotensee is drained by the Krotenseebach, which flows into the Wolfgangsee to the south-west in Brunnwinkl.

How to reach it

The best way to go to the lake is by car. If you start in Salzburg, there is 30 minutes of driving, and you have two options: or going through Fuschl am see or Mondsee.  The B 154 Mondsee Straße passes directly by the lake.


The price to enjoy the lake is free. Nevertheless, there are some fuel costs associated to the trip, but these don’t exceed 20€.

As a matter of fact, there is a free parking near of it, but only with a few spots. Moreover, there is also a small parade to buy some food or drinks.


As a difference from the other lake, this one is nearly always without people as it is one of the most unknown ones in Salzburg and is small, but you can lay on the grass and have a picnic while you disconnect a little bit with your friends or family.

3. Wiestalstausee

The last lake that I would like to introduce to you is called Wiestalstausee. It is located around 15 kilometers from Hallein. The water surface of this reservoir in the Salzburger Land is approx. 100 hectares in size. The Wiestal reservoir is located in a side valley of the Salzach valley, and it is an artificial lake. It is dammed to generate electricity. If you drive from Hallein to Ebenau by car, you will pass this reservoir in Salzburg. The entire east shore is right next to the road. So, you can see the Wiestalstausee from the car. There are always parking bays to stop.

How to reach it

The L107 is one of the unknown roads in the Salzburg area. It connects Hallein over the bumpy mountains with Ebenau and Hof near Salzburg. Halfway there is the Wiestal reservoir. The scenic road used to be very popular with motorcyclists. The many curves have invited to excursions. You can easily get here by car, unfortunately, it is not possible to get there by public transport.


As Krotensee the only costs associated are with the fuel that you will have to spend to do the trip. But these are not so high as the lake is in 30 minutes from Salzburg. Also, the parking bays are free.


This lake is perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty and the different seasons because as you can see in the pictures the landscape changes completely. I have been there four times and I have never seen more than two cars which makes the experience even better as not many people know that you can park there and satay there in the lake for hours.

For more information regarding Salzburg, you can find it attach it here.

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