Salzburg Marathon – People of FHS Special

Yesterday, the 7th of May, the Salzburg Marathon took place.

To compete in the marathon distance of 42.195 kilometres, you have to complete the lap twice. The starting and finishing line are located at Mirabell Square for the first time, directly in front of Mirabell Palace. Underneath you can find a picture of the route.

emarketing afbeelding1

78 students from the FHS were participating in the Hervis-10K Salzburg CityRun. This run started at Leopoldskron. From there they competed in the second part of the half marathon course to reach the finish line at the Mirabell Square.

The students were running in teams of four people. Everybody started at the same time and they all ran the 10 KM. At the end, the times of all participations of the team where added up. Luckily, the weather was really good for the race. All students were doing well. Everybody completed the race with a great time. At the finish there was enough beer for the students to celebrate their victory.

~People of FHS