Challenge yourself and create a memorable experience!

Hopefully we ~the Natural Beauties~ have been successful in motivating you to get up from your chair and finally start moving your body! As you saw in previous blog posts, Salzburg offers numerous opportunities for outdoor exercise – and what is more – in a stunning environment. You will see – once you start running, you will become addicted. And you want MORE.

If that’s the case with you, how would you like the idea to join the next Salzburg Marathon?

The Marathon is usually organized each year in the beginning of May. Sounds good right – running and enjoying the spring sun… Side note: for the past 3 years it was always rainy and cloudy on the day of the Marathon. But still, running in the rain can be also a very cool experience so don’t care about the weather too much! You have three options if you would like to participate:

  1. going for the REAL Marathon – 42,195 kilometres
  2. run the half Marathon – 21,097 kilometres
  3. participating in the 10k run as a team – 4 persons, each person runs 10 kilometres

If you are anything like us, the last options sounds the most doable for you. Let me try to motivate you to go for it!

My personal experience

The FH tries to encourage students to take part in the 10k run and usually also takes over half of the participation fee. So during our first year at FH we received an email with all the information about it, and some colleagues of mine got really motivated and persuaded me too. Actually I did not want to participate at all but you know how group pressure works… So at the end we registered for the 10k city run as a team and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life (I am not exaggerating). That was the point when I started exercising on a regular basis, and with an ultimate goal in mind – to run 10k in the Salzburg Marathon without stopping. So we did the trainings sometimes personally, sometimes together – which was such a stress-relieving activity during all those exams and assignment due dates. Finally, the big day came…. and it was horrible. I did not make it without stopping, I was the worst in the team and all I was thinking about was: “Are you crazy or what, why would you do this to yourself?!” But after the run was over we were all happy about ourselves.

And we wanted MORE.

So next year, we registered again as a team. By that year our performance has improved a lot (or maybe the performance of the other groups has declined) because we even won a special medal – we finished as the third best group. I personally could also see the improvement on myself because I managed to run the 10k without stopping, but still, it wasn’t easy for me.

Finally, the Marathon of 2017 came and guess what – we participated again and some other colleagues of ours joined too. This was the best run for me ever, I not only managed to run without stopping but I enjoyed every minute of it (which was impossible for me to imagine three years ago)! Others also said that this last run was the best for them. It is great because you can feel the improvement and you have a proof that if you put time and effort into something then you will achieve a better performance for sure! And what is the most important thing – you achieve a goal together with friends and have fun!

Experience the beauty of Salzburg during the Marathon!

 The Salzburg Maraton gives you a unique opportunity to experience Salzburg from a different perspective, even if you have been living in the city for a long time. The route in this year started from the beautiful Leopoldskrone Palace which is a perfect spot for some warm-up. Afterwards we ran through some non-touristic areas of Salzburg which was also very interesting – seeing this city from a different angle. After running ca. 5 kilometres we started to approach the city centre of Salzburg and enjoyed the great view of the historical buildings and the Salzach river. Finally, the finish was near the attraction of the Mirabell garden.

Sounds just perfect, right?

For more detailed information on the marathon check the following link:

Hopefully we will see you at the next Salzburg Marathon!