Salzburg, a city with history. Many different sides such as the fortress, the dome and Mozart are famous for Salzburg. It goes without saying that Mozart concerts and musicals are big part of Salzburg and the history. An additional part of Salzburg is accommodation and food. Hotels such as the Sacher and restaurants as the Carpe Diem, M1 and the St. Peter Stiftskeller.

The restaurant St. Peter Stiftskeller is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe. In 803 AD, the St. Peter Stiftskeller is mentioned for the first time in a document by the scholar Alcuin who was liegeman of Charlemagne – the restaurant is therefore considered the oldest inn in Europe. In 1803 -. The Stiftskeller acquires the right to brew and serve beer Prior to this, the stiftskeller’s padres were only allowed to serve their own wines. 1996 –World première of the Mozart Dinner Concerts in the historical Baroque Hall. These have since enjoyed great popularity and are performed daily. Since 2010 – St. Paul Soul Food Catering joins the S. Peter Stiftskeller family. This highly successful catering concept focuses on individuality, exclusivity and professional service for every event. Now – evolving of service, kitchen and atmosphere.

As mentioned above, Mozart and Salzburg are belonging together such as bread and butter. The combination of the cultural heritage and good food is a niche product which is beneficial in an economical way as well as an added bonus for all classic music lover from all over the world. During the concert a three course menu is serviced. It goes without saying, that different price categories are available. For example, the regular ticket costs 56,- €, for Kids it is just 34,-€ and the exclusive ticket costs 98,-€. It goes without saying that the exclusive ticket not only gives you the possibility to sit directly in front of the stage much more you will a special four course menu. It is very important to mention that the beverages you are consuming are not included in the ticket sales. The MDC (Mozart Dinner Concert) is only one single part of the different products the St. Peter Stiftskeller is offering.


The Restaurant itself offers has twelve different restaurant rooms which are all decorated individual. A special part is that the rooms are distinguishable from each other in size, interior as well as the decoration. The whole restaurant has a capacity of around 600 seats. More than 850 dishes are going over the kitchen pass on an advents Saturday. All those dishes are of course with fresh ingredients and an always changing menu card according to the seasonality, those menus are available in German, English as well as in Italian.  Additionally, to the menu the restaurant offers their guests on a daily based special dishes and recommended aperitifs and open wines. The variety of dishes in the a la card restaurant in the Stiftskeller differs from three, four and five course meat, vegetarian or fish menu.

Pickled Herring & Blood sausage

Pickeld herring, roasted blood sausage, onion cream apple

Traditional potato soup from Salzburg

With bacon


With saffron, chard, parmesan foam

Veal Tenderlion Tips

Pink roasted, vegetables, spaetzli, Congnac glace

Crème Brûlée

Of Tahitian vanilla, foam and ice cream of Attibassi coffee

3-course menu 45,30 €

4-course menu 63,00 €

5-course menu 81,00 €

On sweet side of Salzburg and must have in every restaurant especially in Salzburg are the Salzburger Nockerl which represent the three mountains around Salzburg, the Mönchsberg, Geisberg and the Kapuzinerberg.

Salzburger nockerl
Additional to the a la card menu costumers have to possibility to order caterings as well as buffets for their events in advance. The opportunity of buffets of events allows companies to have meetings or celebrations during their dinner, as an example the following pictures can be seen for an example as a buffet.

One of the most breathtaking parts is the time and the effort spend by the restaurant to redecorate the whole restaurants rooms for the Christmas time. By entering the restaurant the walls were decorated with evergreens and small LED lights.  The front yard was decorated with Christmas trees, handcrafted crib as well as their own red hot wine stand with finger food. Not only was the yard decorated for the quiet time of the year each room was given an individual touch. The Baroque Hall in which the MDC takes place was decorated with a 6,50 meters high Christmas tree.

All in all it is to say that even though the St. Peter Stiftskeller is kind of pricy restaurant in Salzburg. The other hand, it is clearly a restaurant which offers not only high quality of food much more the concoction of atmosphere, service as well as the products which are offered by the restaurant are a visit worth.


Written by:

Joshua Aigner