Salzburg Christmas Market: Location

As it comes from the name, this event takes place in the city of Salzburg (in the heart of Austria). The Salzburg Christmas Market is located in the center area of the old part of the town, next to the “Dom” and around Mozartplatz. It is open from November 19th till 26th of December. It is open every day of the week, from 10am till 8pm. In the Christmas market we can find more than 100 booths where we can buy local delicacies from the region and all around Austria.


It is easily accessible via car, taxi, and public transportation. If we choose public transport, we should take bus number 6,5,and 25 and travel 4 stops to “Polizeidirektion” which is a 15 minutes bus ride from the main train station and it costs approximately 3€. If we one is new to the city, it is recommended to choose a taxi, since it can be really hard to find the main christmas area.The taxi takes us there in 10 minutes for a fair share of 15€. If we want to it is also possible to walk there too, it only takes 30 minutes and its totally for free.


It is also possible to rent a horse carriage if we want to enjoy some private romantic sightseeing of the city and the Christmas market. This option is approximately costs 50-100€ depending on the length of the tour and the kindness of the driver. In case of going with a car, we have to face one of the biggest problems of the whole Salzburg city. There is lack of parking space located in the center area and we have to drop serious money even if we are that lucky to find a place. Between 8-20hrs from Monday-Saturday a fee has to be paid for a parking space. If we are even unluckier, we have to choose a underground parking lot, which costs even more. So if we can draw only one conclusion, that would be dont try to reach the market via car because its going to cost you more than the “gluehwein” you want to drink.


Author: Gabor Nemeth