Discover Salzburger Christkindlmarkt: Atmosphere & Entertainment

At the Salzburg Christmas market, people come worldwide to enjoy its beauty and atmosphere. As it embraces the Christmas spirit, the market is fully decorated with lights and treasures all around. Each stand brings out a different sense, whether it’s the twinkling of colorful lights or the smells of the mulled wine or Austrian specialties.

The stands have a variety of different things on display or being sold. Some have ornaments, hand made candles and crafts, or displays of Christmas items. Other stands also have hand carved religious figures and decoration items for the house. The area is filled with Christmas trees that are decorated beautifully with tinsel and bright lights that create a bright and romantic atmosphere. There are additional stands that have homemade cookies and bakery items that smell sweet and salty.  These items are all made from locals who come from all over the Salzburg region.


As the locals sell specialty items, the guests who come to the market can enjoy them instantly. Stand owners allow all guests to touch, smell, and experience all things sold or displayed. Items such as handmade soaps, cooking accessories, and more all can be touched and experienced without being purchased. Although, if you are interested in purchasing items the prices aren’t going to break the bank.


While at the market, there are various activities that you can engage in. There is an ice skating rink available to enjoy throughout the day, where you can skate around with a loved one or friend during the day or night. You can also enjoy gathering with friends or colleagues for a glass of mulled wine or a hearty dinner with traditional Austrian foods. It is a market for all ages, packed with activities and things to see for young and old. From the moment you step into the market you feel a warm Christmas spirit around you from the stands to the scenery to all your senses being delighted.

Author: Jill Macho