Red Bull Hangar-7

Red Bull Hangar-7: Visit an impressive home for aviation, art and gourmet lovers

A memorable visit at the Red Bull Hangar-7

Another fantastic rainy day activity – You will love it!

“Hello and welcome to the Hangar-7.
As a former employee I look forward taking you behind the scenes of the Hangar-7.
Please come along to enjoy the world of aviation, culinary and architecture.

Anna-Lena J.

First things first !

What is a “Hangar” and why the number 7?

Hangar is short for “aircraft garage.” And 7 is similar to a house number. The term “Hangar-7” refers to the fact that this is the seventh hangar at the airport Salzburg.

Hangar-7 architecture, Aircraft museum, credit: fotokirchberger/hangar-7

Dietrich Mateschitz’s idea of giving The Flying Bulls a home was realized on the 22nd of August in 2003 with the building of the Hangar-7.

Not a house in the design of a traditional museum where airplanes cannot fly. No, he wanted to provide a location where unique airplanes could be admired and launched whenever they pleased.

All of the helicopters and airplanes you may see here are capable of taking off at any time. They are only operating for marketing purposes or special shows and events. Some of them are even over 100 years old already.

Who are The Flying Bulls?

The Flying Bulls include not only skilled pilots but also specialists in aircraft technology for the preservation of historic aircraft and aviation enthusiasts. You can find the Flying Bulls‘ airplane Hangar, Hangar-8, across from Hangar-7, also known as the “plane workshop.” There are 40 different aircraft that the Flying Bulls operate. In the Hangar-8, repairs and maintenance are performed on the airplanes and helicopters and is not accessible for the public. The aircraft are maintained by 70 people, roughly two-thirds of them are mechanics.


Red Bull Hangar-7 architecture, credit: studiokirchberger/hangar-7

From the outside, the design reflects an airplane wing. 400 tonnes of glass with 1,700 individual glass panels were placed on top of 1,200 tonnes of steel.

The fact that the entire glass and steel structure is actually moving is another fascinating truth. This is dependent on the air pressure, which is caused by the temperature or by the planes landing or taking off from the nearby airfield.

To stop the glass from reflecting light and blinding the pilots in the air, a layer of tiny black dots is applied to the outside of the glass.

On prior written request the receptionist offer free guided tours through the exhibition for emergency organizations (e.g. firefighters, police, ambulances) and school classes. Just send them an email and they can offer you the available dates.

Culinary highlights

Restaurant Ikarus **

Our fine dining establishment Ikarus, which now holds two Michelin stars, is centrally located and may be the most well-known Restaurant in Salzburg. With the Restaurant Ikarus Dietrich Mateschitz wanted to bring the best cuisine from around the globe to Hangar-7, right here in the Red Bull environment. This is how the original guest chef concept comes to be.

Every month, the Executive Chef Martin Klein makes a trip abroad to learn about the cuisine and cooking methods of a different guest chef. The guest chef stays with them on site for the first few days of the month to assist the Ikarus staff with the implementation and final adjustments and then leaves again.

Inform yourself about the current guest chef, the menu and the guest chef preview for the upcoming months.

Be aware that dining at the Restaurant Ikarus is only possible with a reservation. Please be aware that you should book around 6 to 8 weeks in advance, as it is very well booked.

Café and Bars

Carpe Diem Lounge – Café

The Carpe Diem Lounge – Café, located on the ground level next to the entrance, serves a delectable breakfast.

Mayday Bar

The Mayday Bar, which is located on the second floor, is known for its impressive cocktail menu and delicious international bar food selection.

Outdoor Lounge

The wildly popular Outdoor Lounge opens on the Hangar-7’s outside during the summer and serves everything straight from the barbecue.

Art Exhibiton

Young artists have a chance to display their works at the Hangar-7. You will discover a different display of other artists when you return in three to four months. In the Hangar-7, everything is constantly in motion.

Feel free to get in contact with the kind receptionists at the entrance to ask for more details about the exhibition and they can also provide you with a price list.

Art exhibiton, credit: hangar-7

TV Shows & Events

Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7, Servus TV, live broadcast, credit: Hangar-7 & Servustv

Mondays, ServusTV frequently airs “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7.” For this purpose the planes will be moved aside and a flexible stage and audience setting is set up in the middle of the museum.

All the necessary machinery lies just underneath Hangar-7, which has a complete basement. You are always invited to attend in person; tickets are available online here for only a charge of 5 euros.

Other events are also frequently scheduled in Hangar-7.

Last but not least – the flowers.

Before leaving the Hangar-7 I advise you to also go check out the bathrooms which are situated downstairs across from the reception. This is a rather unconventional advice but especially for the ladies, the Hangar-7 provides a flowerly surprise at the bathroom.

In total there are three impressive flower bouquets presented in the whole building. The first one you can´t miss as you´ll see it right at the entrance at the reception. The second one is in the Carpe Diem Lounge and the third one as already mentioned is in the lady’s bathroom. It is always worth a visit as these changes weekly on Tuesdays.

Flower bouquet, Hangar-7, reception

“I hope you liked the little behind the scenes tour through the Hangar-7 and I am looking forward for your feedback after your visit. See you next time and enjoy your rainy day trip in Salzburg. I suggest hopping on the Bus 10 to either the Designer Outlet or to the Stiegl Brewery. Say Hi to my colleagues Nathaniel and Benedikt, who can provide you more information in their Blogpost”

— Anna-Lena J.

Opening hours of the Hangar-7

Opening hours can eventually vary due to special events. Please always check the opening hours directly on their homepage to make sure everything is open before you go visit.

Directions & Contact Hangar-7

Pictures ©hangar-7, studiokirchberger, theflyingbulls, zajcmaster, gorankroselj
With kind allowance of the Hangar-7.

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