Haus der Natur / By Angelika Groß

What to do on a Rainy day? – Museum: Haus der Natur

Welcome back! We are glad you stayed tuned and are checking out our second recommendation for a rainy day in Salzburg. Museums! These are honestly my favourites and there is enough of them around in Salzburg. Art, nature, history, from paintings to activities, from historical treasures to modern art.

My all time favourite is the Haus der Natur, a Universal Museum of the Natural Sciences in the centre of Salzburg. It is not only an Aquarium and Reptile zoo it also offers a science center where people at any age can try themselves and discover their unknown skills.

Where is it?

The museum is on the Museumsplatz 5 in the city centre of Salzburg. The entrance is right under the Stadtcafé.

How to get there?

You can easily access the museum by bus and get off at Hanuschplatz, which is the main bus stop in the city centre. From there its only a 3 min run with your umbrella ;). Bus lines 1, 4, 7, 8, 10 as well as 20, 21, 24, 27, 28 stop at Hanuschplatz. For the tough ones among us there is enough bike parking spots around the museum, in case you decide to put your raining pants and jacket on and try your best.

Why is this spot perfect for rainy days?

Apart from the above mentioned Aquarium, Reptile zoo and science center there is also permanent and temporary exhibitions. Among the temporary ones are ‘Our changing home: 200 years of the Salzburg habitat’ and ‘celestial images’, which is about astrophotography. So, since Salzburg has many rainy day, you will never get board in a museum, since there will always be new exhibitions to discover.

What else can you do there?

After an exciting day at the museum itself there is still the museum shop waiting for you. Get yourself a memory, buy a card or even a nice animal toy ;). If this is not appealing for you there is also the Stadtcafé which is a very comfortable café to get a coffee or snacks. You could even take a book and combine reading, museum and having a coffee.

What to bring?

Money for the entrance. It is 8,50€ for adults but there is a student discount so bring your student ID and pay only 6,00€. In case you ever got the Salzburg Card for other activities as well, bring it, then you get free admission. Don’t bring your dog though, he or she is not allowed inside.

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Museum Shop
Stadcafé – Café, Bar, Bistro
Haus der Natur