Time Factor

Despite the fact that the whole project was well organised and planned, as in most surveys, difficulties were encountered during the data collection period. Our group did encounter some expected and unexpected problems. One of the problems we faced was the time factor. The reason behind this was the fact that the group members live in different places and so deciding on the right time to meet was a bit difficult.

The second issue was the brain storming took a little bit more time than we expected. The reason being that because our questionnaire was structured, we randomly wrote down the questions that each of us thought will be appropriate for the interviews and then we narrowed the questions down which also took more time.

Insufficient language skills

Another problem that we faced was the language barrier. We had planned to conduct the interview in English but unfortunately some of our potential candidates for the interview were unable to either speak fluent in English or even speak English at all. And because of this reason we did not interview as many people as we hoped to interview.

Camera shy

It was difficult to find a sufficient sample for the video because majority of the people that we interviewed were either camera shy or did not want to be on the videos because of personal reasons. For instance if you watch the video, you can see two ladies who agreed to be part of the project on the condition that their faces should not appear on the video.

The weather conditions

Generally, the weather conditions during the field work were horrible. It was cold, wet and raining most of the time. Sometimes we had to stop just to get away from the rain because it was almost impossible to interview people because of the rain.

Ignorance of people

In one of the shops, the seller was not willing to answer some of the questions we had or even tell us anything about the “Mozart kugel”. One of our group members asked him if he sells the original Mozart kugel and that question made him so upset that he told him to leave the shop immediately. Moreover  some of the people that we tried to interviewer either ignored us completely and just walked by or said that they either had no time or did not want to be part of it.

All in all despite of the problems that we encountered, we did manage to overcome the problems and we were able to complete the task.

Check our video on youtube: What people know about Mozart Kugel