Other offers of Zum Sarr (Senegambian Cuisine in Salzburg)

Gasthaus Untersberg Zum Sarr does not only rely on standard menus, but also like to change and cook special meals every week in order to have diversity of food in the restaurant. Other than the famous Domoda and Yassa, they offer various types of drinks, starters, Main dishes and desserts as some of them are following:

African special Drinks                                                           

  • Wonjo
  • Affenbrot juicewww.experience salzburg.at other services speise 16 www.experience salzburg.at other services speise 13
  • Inger saft
  • Moringa Eistee
  • Normal drinks                                                                                           


  • Baked beef liver cheese www.experience salzburg.at other services speise 15with potato salad
  • Smoked Fish Saladwww.experience salzburg.at other services speise 14
  • Egg Salad

Main Dishes

  • Fish Benechine
  • Fried Fish and mixed grilled fish platter
  • Pork Wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes.www.experience salzburg.at other services menue large
  • Lamb Afra with rice or couscous
  • Potato dumplings on plum roaster
  • Aballa, Akara, Ollole and Plantain (Vegetarian)
  • Sarr’s Fufu Dumplings with seafood with tomato-tamarind sauce
  • Grilled pike fillet on creamed potatoes with leek and saffron


  • Mango and Coconut Mousse with fruit sauce
  • Sarr’s Sorbets (three sorbets of West Africa wonjo, Baobab and tamarind with caramel sauce
  • Sweet rice and peanut balls with vanille joghurt sauce