Fantastic Nightlife in Linz 303 for a lifetime

The nightlife in Linz can be amazing when escaping the city of Salzburg for a quick getaway from the daily hustles and bustles of student life. This could be refreshing especially after long hours of school and work-related activities. These getaways can be either planned or spontaneous, however, being spontaneous adds some twists to the whole escapade. Wondering what 303 is? Linz is the third biggest capital in Austria.

Occasionally, the need to recharge your batteries and be filled with new energy for the academic life ahead is essential. Some adventure to a neighboring city makes the student life experience in Salzburg even better as you get the opportunity to have an impression of another city in Austria. On this page, I am honored to give you a glimpse of the nightlife in Linz when on a quick getaway.

As a student under a tight budget, one of the cities to relax and chill, feeling alive and refreshed is Linz. Linz is a perfect city to visit as it is the closest to Salzburg. Transportation to Linz is quite reasonable and can be accessed by train or buses such as Flix bus. There are also lots of things to do once there. Kindly visit the pages of my colleagues for more details on cost, transportation, and activities to do.

Linz at night.

Once in Linz, spending the night in this glorious city is a million times worth the experience. You might be wondering how the nightlife in Linz is, the atmosphere at night if it is vibrant enough to have a good time and an enjoyable evening as a student, and places to eat and drink without digging dip into your pocket. I got pretty much of these answers.

Let the adventure begin

Start your evening with a walk through the old city and enjoy the sunset. With the Danube, running right across the city, the warming colors of the stunning sunset and nighttime view in Linz is breathtaking. As the darkness sets in, the display of various colors of lights from the Lentos Kunstmuseum of modern arts through the entire night, reflecting on the Danube makes the scenery magical giving the city of Linz a different atmosphere entirely leaving you with a lasting impression of the city. Depending on your taste and what you will like to do for the evening, there are good places to visit.


Grabbing some food to gain energy for the long night ahead after the walk in the old town of the city couldn’t be at a better time after enjoying the sunset. Food is one of the easiest to come by, and relishing some freshly made food at a reasonable price isn’t off the tight budget.

There is a variety of it at your disposal ranging from fast food, Asian, Austrian, kebab and Döner shops, pizza shops to high-end restaurants with relatively moderate prices, you can give yourself a treat to not only good but healthy food as well. If you are into some Asian style and twist, the Miyako Ramen Japanese restaurant is one that I will highly recommend. The price is reasonable ranging from 12 to 1, with an atmosphere, that is cozy, excellent customer service, and the food served is steamily hot, cooked with fresh ingredients that just melt right in your mouth.


If going to bars is something you like doing, there are various bars and party places splattered across the city all within walking distance with different genres of music. (Entrances to these places are mostly free with few exceptions that are not mentioned in this post)

The Strom bar is a unique bar in the sense that its interior décor is so refreshing due to the presence of plants hanging from the ceiling giving it a marvelous and cool atmosphere and the feeling of not being too far from nature. DJs spin all sorts of music and depending on the event and DJ of the night, music blasting from those speakers invites you to shake your body. Its location is also a perfect one as you can take a break out for some fresh air whilst enjoying the view of the Danube in the dark and the changing color of lights from the Lentos Kunstmuseum.

If you have ever loved old-school movies, the Exxtrablatt café + bar brings back memories of iconic movies and stars of the 90s. Posters of titles and covers of the old movies ranging from action to the world of romance are pasted across the room. Sipping from your drink and reliving the scenes you enjoyed most in your favorite movie can’t get any better elsewhere than in this bar.

The possibility of traveling the world within one night through music at café valdes, internationales sprachcafe is a must experience once in Linz. Dance to good music, enjoy the company of lively people, and have drinks all at a reasonable price. Across the Danube lies, the Land in Sicht a bar and a restaurant, stop by to grab a drink and immerse yourself in the view of lights reflecting on the Danube.

Enjoy being a student in Salzburg, escape once in a while, and make memories in other cities that last for a lifetime. Cheers!!!!

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