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Top 3 Best nature spots of Salzburg- Instagram-worthy nature spots in Salzburg

Nature Spots of Salzburg
Nature Spots of Salzburg

If you love taking Instagram pictures, and enjoy nature, this is the place for you!

The city of Salzburg is known as the capital of The Sound of Music and is located in one of the most magnificent places in all of Austria: its turquoise lakes, towering mountains, verdant meadows, and dense woods genuinely create a natural setting straight out of a fairy tale.

Lake Fuschl- 1 of #3 Best Nature Spots of Salzburg

FuschlSee Salzburg
FUSCHL SEE © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

Located just 30 minutes from Salzburg, Lake Fuschl is recognized for its peacefulness and beautiful shores.

The emerald-green Lake Fuschl is to be found to the east of Salzburg and is part of the Salzkammergut. It is owned by the Forest Commission of Austria.

In the Province of Salzburg and also the Salzkammergut, Lake Fuschl is the clearest and cleanest of the lakes. In fact, it has drinking water quality!

The lake flows via the Fuschler A the stream into Lake Mondsee and further via the Attersee, to the Ager and Traun into the Danube.

Unfortunately, many lakes in Austria have lost a great deal of their natural beauty owing to excessive shoreline development, but at lake Fuschl, you may still experience the highest amount of pure nature.

Fuschlsee Nature spot
FUSCHL SEE © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

The Fuschl region is mentioned for the first time in the „Congestum Arnonis“ (as a record of it forming part of the estates belonging to the diocese of Salzburg, from the time of Bishop Arno in 790). From the 8th century, the whole area of Thalgau-Fuschl is See-Abersee was owned by the lords of the area i.e. archbishops. For a long time, Fuschl am See had no name but in the 12th century the area was known as “Fuschilsee”

Maria Plain- 2 of #3 Instagramable Spots of Salzburg

History of Maria Plain

Maria Plain Salzburg
Maria Plain- Salzburg

Located to the northeast of Salzburg City, Maria Plain has been a popular religious pilgrimage site since the 17th century. Visitors, hikers, and pilgrims are always drawn to the area because of the beautiful natural scenery, the historic pilgrimage church, and Mount Calvary. The three-story façade with two towers was modeled after Salzburg Cathedral, even though it is very much in keeping with the character of a pilgrimage church you might encounter out in the country. The church of Maria Plain on the Plainberg is visible from far away. The church’s interior is filled with a golden aura, underscored by tones of blue and white. Maria Plain’s famous painting is the focal point of the high altar itself.

Maris Plain Salzburg
Maria Plain- Salzburg

Due to their sense of profound piety, the pilgrimage church of Maria Plain was very close to the Mozart family. This was also the reason why Mozart enthusiast Johann Evangelist Engl assumed that Mozart composed his work, the “Coronation Mass”, for a festival to crown the famous painting at Maria Plain in 1779. To this day, an annual performance of the work does honor both to the painting as well as Mozart’s genius.

Maria Plain today

Maria Plain is an attractive destination for pilgrims, with their climb to the top of the Plainberg rewarded by magnificent panoramic views of Salzburg City and the surrounding mountains. Pilgrims and trekkers exploring the Austrian stages of the Way of Saint James, as well as the Arnoweg, likewise pass by Maria Plain. This pilgrimage destination also provides one of the most beautiful wedding settings in Salzburg.

Bluntauseen – Golling an der Salzach- 3 of #3 Best Insragramable Spots of Salzburg

Bluntauseen - Golling an der Salzach
Bluntauseen – Golling an der Salzach

The Bluntautal nature reserve is unique in terms of its natural beauty, making it one of the most enchanting spots in the Salzburg region. A breathtaking mountain world is reflected in the crystal-clear water of the Torrener Ache and in the deep green lakes – surrounded by extensive meadows – the brown trout cavort.

It is possible to go to the lake from Torren (approximately 2 kilometers away), Kuchl (5 kilometers away), and Scheffau am Tennengebirge (about 6 km away). About 5 kilometers from the lake itself lies the watershed region of Kuchl, where the Bluntau lakes may be found. A trip to the area is nonetheless highly recommended, even though the lake itself has minimal tourist appeal. The area around the Bluntau lakes is home to many other lakes, many of which share the same high recreational value.

Bluntauseen - Golling an der Salzach
Bluntauseen – Golling an der Salzach

The hike to the Bluntausee in the Bluntau valley of the same name in Austria is a bit reminiscent of an idyllic fairy tale. You walk along the babbling brook with its light blue glacial water, look at the moss-covered stones between the trees and eventually come to the emerald-green lake, in which the surrounding mountains are reflected and here and there a fish likes to jump out of the water. And the best thing is that this hike is in no way overcrowded and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

The Bluntau lakes with their emerald green color were created by gravel mining and significantly shape the landscape in the front part of the valley. As early as 1980, the valley floor and the lower valley slopes of the Bluntautal were designated as a “protected part of the landscape” under the Salzburg Nature Conservation Act due to their ecological importance and scenic beauty.

In conclusion, Salzburg is a city that offers a harmonious blend of urban and natural beauty. From the stunning Maria Plain to the serene Fuschl See and the scenic Bluntauseen, there are numerous nature spots that are sure to leave you in awe. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photographer or just looking for a peaceful escape from the city, these spots are perfect for an afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation. So pack a picnic basket, grab your camera, and head out to discover the beauty of Salzburg’s nature spots!

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