Mozartkugeln chocolate tasting

After chosen to work on a project for Mozart kugel, our group thought at the beginning  of the idea of doing a Mozart chocolate tasting Video to find out  if people really make choice of their most favorite Mozartkugeln or chocolate by originality or by taste.

In order to start our tasting Experiment and experience, we when to the different Mozart retailer shops in the city of Salzburg to buy some samples. First, we when to Fürst conditorei near Mirabel Platz in the city to buy the original Mozart chocolate. Each costed 1.20. We bought 5 pieces. Then we went to the other two retail shops in the city to buy the other two main types called Reber and Mirabell. We bought 5 Rebers  each at .79 Euro and 5 Mirabell at  .69 Euro each.


The next step we did was to divide the different types of the Mozartkugeln into smaller pieces of two for the tasting experience since it would be too much cholate for one person to taste one whole piece of all the three different types.


As we start our Mozart chocolate tasting experiment, we found out that it was very difficult to get tourist to taste the already open and divide Mozart chocolate. Tourists were not willing to taste the different types of the Mozart chocolates which are already open.

After trying several times and standing outside in the cold old city of Salzburg where there are a lot of retail shops selling the different types of the Mozartkugeln , we decided to  change our approach and to do a video where we interview only tourist about the Mozart Chocolate brand and to know what their knowledge is about the Mozart chocolate brand.

Written by: Salifu Badjie

Check our video on youtube: What people know about Mozart Kugel