What happens behind-the-scenes?

To organize a big project such as Experience Salzburg, it is necessary to have a good team all editors and participants can rely on. This time, Melanie was trying to capture behind-the-scenes moments of collecting content by making pictures or videos and to help the editors with their problems. For the internal communication, a facebook “Behind-the-scenes” group was created to be able to schedule meetings, excursions and to clarify common misconceptions.

Responsible for the technical aspects were Linh and Maximilian. They created a facebook event for the final project presentations and created also a trailer of the groups presenting their topics they work on. They also assisted all participants in case they had any difficulties with regards to log-in data, blog editing and other social media accounts.

All in all, the project in 2016/17 consisted of the following groups: Sombreras, Chopsticks, FH Superheroes Successful AF, Need a Ride Take a Bike, Nature Spots, Natural Beauties, SW Student Wednesday and People of FHS. The students covered a wide variety of topics under the condition that it is of interest for international FH Salzburg students and contributes to connecting and exploring the culture and daily life of the city of Salzburg.

In the following video, the groups present in detail what they will contribute to the Experience Salzburg Page.

Experience Salzburg – Behind the Scenes

We're super excited to announce that we are holding special presentations on Wednesday (10.05.17) about the projects that we have been working on for the last months.Location: Room 056 // Time: 14:15 // Date: Wednesday, 10.05.17You are invited! Join us!

Gepostet von Experience Salzburg am Montag, 8. Mai 2017

Even though the organization was a little chaotic in the beginning, after developing the internal communication group and a time plan for social media postings the real project work could start. During this process of creating and distributing content over several social media channels, some of the groups faced problems. Some groups chose a topic, which was dependent on good weather. Unfortunately, in Salzburg, also in April winter comes back, so they had to postpone some of their planned activities. Another group faced difficulties asking people for interviews and coordinating them.  Several groups experienced difficulties in the beginning coordination all different channels, including facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. Especially on Instagram problems occurred when several people logged in at the same time. Despite these few throwbacks, most of the groups had very positive experiences when asking people for collaboration in this project.  

Here you can see a few pictures of the teams creating content and experiencing Salzburg!