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Linz is one of those cities whose attractions generally go unnoticed by its residents, and which is not usually visited by tourists, however it is a hidden gem and we dedicate a weekend to learn more about this treasure full of culture, fun and natural charms.

One of the great things about Linz is that it is very close to Salzburg, it is very easy to have a weekend getaway with friends or family, beside it can be access by car or train. We started our tour traveling by train that took approx. 1.5 hours.

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We had to start getting to know the heart of this city and enjoying the cheerful, youthful and very diverse environment that characterizes the city

For me was very surprising because I never imagined hearing several people speaking my mother tongue (Spanish) in such a short time.

We enjoyed the delicious smells that came from the bakeries that offer their products in the centre of the city.

The first attraction that is worth mentioning is the new cathedral “Mariendom” that enhances its beauty right in the middle of Linz, it has a neo-gothic style that makes it interesting and outstanding for a not so common beauty compared to the other architectures around.

Each window is covered by stained glass windows that represent the different saints or episodes of the “Jesus’s Pathway” but even if you are not religious and you are not attracted to sacrosanct art, you cannot deny the delicate architecture, which suffered destruction during the 2nd World War and has now been renovated with modern art.

Another of the places to visit in Linz is the castle museum. here you must take your time since you can enjoy a huge number of things including the view. the Castle is located on top of the city and when you enter or leave the museum you can enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by a breath-taking view.

Inside the museum you will find several exhibitions of natural, cultural, and even technological art. It brings you back to the Middle Ages and it shows all the advances that man has made in different aspects of the life, you can’t help but feel nostalgic when you see the cars you used to see on the street when you were little or even the phones that some of us managed to use in our grandmother’s house.

Through videos, audios and mannequins represented in real size they show the life of upper Austria from its beginnings, its clothing and traditions and allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the War and give a glimpse of what it was in the past the life of the Austrians and how it differs from the current life.

The tour according to your interests lasts approximately 2 hours and, in this time, you travel to the past, enjoy the architecture and art that make this a priceless visit.

castle museum, history, old car, Linz history
linz castle museum, traditions, history,customs

Once the afternoon arrives, the best thing to do is enjoy Mural Harbour, these graffiti murals that are located on the riverbank, so you can enjoy the more than 300 murals while you cool off with the river breeze and enjoy the environment offered by the city


The day after we decided to start our tour in a very natural way, enjoying one of the most interesting attractions of the city “Pöstlinbergbahn”. You are heading towards this mountain with a train that takes you from the city centre, this train is not like the others that run in the city, it is an old style, and it makes you kind of nostalgic. this train goes to this high point in Linz in just 20 minutes.

During the tour you pass by a zoo which you can visit but in our case, we decided to go to the last stop.

On this point you can walk around enjoying the view it offers or you can go to the Grottenbahn.

Grottenbahn is as if you entered a fairy tale, where during the tour you find dragons, witches and all the magic of children’s stories even if you are an adult, it is a tour that you enjoy and that brings you back to the imagination of your childhood.

The fresh air, the animals that you meet along the way and the abundant nature that are part of this place make your tour an unforgettable one.

After enjoying all these attractions within the city, we decided to go to the outskirts of Linz and enjoy other attractions a little more artificial than the ones we enjoyed before.

We headed to one of the malls that has a large game area, including bowling, and so we finished our weekend in this beautiful city with a fun game of bowling, tired but very happy to have known a little more about this city that is so close to us and that we had not yet visited.

Definitely a trip that we would like to repeat anytime and if you need more ideas of where to go here Der Blog mit Insidertipps aus Linz an der Donau – Visit-Linz ( you can find more ideas.

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