Worship places in salzburg. International students. churches and prayers in Salzburg

Worship places in Salzburg-International students.

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Psalms 119:105, Your Word is a Lamp to my feet and a light for my path( 5 Churches to Visit in Salzburg).

To worship the lord is a major pillar in christianity. The fact that Salzburg is a rich and diverse city with a lot of international streams of tourists, students, and employees alike, makes it more attractive to visit. It provides an amicable atmosphere for relaxed evenings and daybreaks. The city is also well renowned for its intrinsic landscape. Its history as the land of music has also ranked the city high as the pre-eminent musical performing city worldwide.

Most people flock the city to learn about the greatest musical composer of all time, Mozart. Either way, Salzburg attracts students from all walks of life and most appreciate the value one gets from international exchange and cultural experience. For an international student, one in an exchange semester abroad or full-time school;- a visible setback that most encounter is the quest to find hidden social gems within the city where they can have some good time such as bars, night clubs, churches or even restaurants.

Some yearn to find a new community of friends or even challenge themselves to find love under the majestic sound of the musical city. For others, it’s essential that their spiritual souls are aligned. For this reason, this blog post will highlight some spiritual hubs within Salzburg. It will take into consideration, Christian churches of worship. Most international students in the city find it vital to find a gathering of believers with whom they can worship God together and henceforth get to know each other, however, finding the right places of worship prove futile exclusively when the language barrier is involved.

Quick guide to Worship places- Best for new students and other internationals

Salzburg Cathedral


Salzburg Cathedral is one of the historical genesis of the Austrian community. It is a fine piece of modern artwork. It has been in existence since the 17th century, belongs to the Archdiocese of Salzburg and is dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius.

This is one of the most significant churches located in the old town. Its distinctive appearance draws attention to some pristine features with details that go without notice. Its architecture is embodied with well-furnished exteriors and interiors designed to voice a story. It is believed that the cathedral has the remains of st Rupert, preserved in a black box underneath the alter. Rupert happens to be the founder of the city.  

Most archbishops were also buried in the crypt, this in its amazement is extraordinary because in ancient times archbishops ruled Salzburg for more than a thousand years.  besides, Mozart is purported to have been baptized in the cathedral Moreover, the cathedral houses five organs.In sum,this counts as a perfect place for prayer and touristic visit altogether.

Opening time is as follows:

Regular church services in the cathedral


6:30  a.m. Parish Mass ,  7:00 a.m.  Lauds,   7:20 a.m. Chapter Mass


6:30  a.m. Parish Mass


8:30  a.m. Parish Mass ,  10:00  a.m. High Mass,   11:30 a.m. Holy Mass


8:30  a.m. Parish Mass ,  10:00 a.m.  Pontifical Alm,   11:30 a.m. Holy Mass*

*On some public holidays, the late mass does not take place until 12:00 p.m.

The high mass is often with a large choir and orchestra. Hint: Too good to miss out on


Francisca church
Francisca Church

Franciscan church, located in Franziskanergasse 5 is also an impressive statue of the Romanesque nave. Also, one of the strong symbols of the catholic church based in Salzburg. Its story is quite strongly interlinked with the Salzburg cathedral. The cathedral is symbolized by a building of religious representation while Franciscan was a foot of quite a contemplation. What makes this church significant is its brilliantly well-curved hall choir, an architectural work of art well thought through to perfection. The shade of light and dark makes the church stand out together with the story it speaks through generations.

Regular church services at Franziiskanerkriche

Sat. 7 pm, Sun. 9:00, 10:30 am and 7 pm. The 9:00 am mass is the high mass with choir and orchestra. See the notice at the door for which music is scheduled for the following Sunday.

Protestant Churches

Calvary Chapel Salzburg

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Calvary Chapel

Calvary chapel Salzburg is a non-denominational evangelical Christian community located in Roittnerstraße 9. The church in Salzburg began in 2008 under the leadership of Pastor Ivan Ibbotson and assisted by pastor Hubert Krifter. What makes the church interesting for an international community is the fact that the service is conducted entirely in English and translated into German. The church uses different ministries to feed the body of Christ: In existence is the men’s ministry which prays together in a group, read the word of God, helps people in need and minister for needs within the community of Christ.

They also have breakfast together, during which men encourage and motivate each other for the gospel. Furthermore, men also meet together outdoor to enjoy activities and experiences such as soccer, beach, hiking bowling go-kart etc. Women correspondingly have ministries that work similarly to men’s. Moreover, the Youths ministry meets every Sunday along the adult’s services to have their parallel teachings which enhance their spiritual life. Furthermore, it has a prayer ministry that takes place every Tuesday at 7 pm. 

Worship places in salzburg. International students. churches and prayers in Salzburg
International Students. worship places in Salzburg. Churches in Salzburg.

Regular church services are on Sundays at 10 amPrayer meetings every Tuesday 6:00 pm Bible study every Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Life Church Salzburg

Life church salzburg

Life church. located at Judengasse 13. welcomes you home. A church that preaches God in truth and boldness. The church is ready to meet a thirsty generation that is after the heart of Jesus. A generation that burns for the fire of the holy spirit and the passion of the risen Christ The church believes in a culture that every individual should be promoted but above all God should be magnified, glorified and exalted.  

Life church conducts its services every Sunday at 6pm, a perfect time particularly for people who work Sunday during the day or have other attachments. The church service is conducted entirely in the German language however, there is also a possibility to have English translations within the service. An African community meets earlier at 10 am and the service is preached in English. The church is also open to life groups that allow believers to pursue a common interest, get to know God better and encourage each other.

Frei Christengemeinde(FCG Salzburg)

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Salzburg church worship

Free Christian Gemeinde (FCG) Salzburg located in Vogelweiderstrasse 78 is a state free pentecostal church. The church is headed by pastor Tobias Bota. The church is founded on 5 main values which are: Making God great, through praise and worshipping God as his representatives. Together on the way:-fellowship in small groups, encourage each other and have a beautiful laugh togetherSound teaching through bible studyhospitality;– love you regardless of your race, nationality and background, and lastly big giving;- The are more than grateful giving back to the society(open ear, money, time patience and most importantly prayer.

The church has different focus groups where believers can meet for bible study and encouragement. Church services are every Sunday from 10-11 am. Besides, there is a special program for children’s worship intended to bring up a generation of children after Gods’ heart. Furthermore, every Tuesday, 11 am-1pm, 2 pm-6 pm is allocated for talk time or any consultations if you wish while evening from 6 pm to 7 pm, time is allocated for prayers and thanksgiving, and all are welcome. Sunday services can also be found online on YouTube.Furher information ca


Epp Salzburg.

EPP Salzburg, the startup church located in Aiglhofstrasse 24 5020 Salzburg. Its has the main aim to bring people closer to God, know him personally and grow through him. The church lays its doors open to everyone from every background. A place where one can come to the knowledge of their gifts, talents and grow to the awareness of God and his calling.  It leads you to the understanding of the God-given plan for your life. The church has available courses and training that help promote Gods given potential, it offers alpha courses, grow courses and college. The church is open every Sunday from 11 am.

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