Instagram Reels – A new way to increase organic reach

For our project, we decided to incorporate Instagram Reels into our marketing strategy. Instagram reels is a new creative tool that provides the platform’s users with a new way of sharing short 15-second videos and clips. For public profiles, Reels are the perfect tool to increase the reach of the account and to increase profile visits and followers. The tool is furthermore ideal for organically expanding a company’s reach without the help of paid advertisements.

Before starting with the process we defined our goals for the implementation of Instagram Reels. The goals of the Reels were:

  • Promote the TRAVEL BIRDS Instagram account
  • Engage with existing customers and followers
  • Increase the number of profile visits
  • Increase the number of account followers
  • Expand the target market
  • Raise brand awareness and awareness for our projects (e.g. WFL run)

A reel was filmed specifically for a current project, which was to gain participants for the TRAVEL BIRDS team for the Wings for Life Run. Additionally, a light and fun Reel with the employees was filmed with the purpose of reaching a broader audience and engaging new followers. It showcases the team spirit of the company and leads potential new customers to their account. On the Instagram account, the followers can find travel inspiration as well as some of their products, including their catalogs.

The Reels were both successful, reaching up to 14k views and leading to 600% increase in “accounts reached”. Furthermore, the Reels also successfully reached the right target group in regard to age range and locations. While it is a powerful marketing tool, it is easy to handle and implement.

All in all, it was a great idea to implement Instagram Reels into the social media marketing strategy and we definitely recommend it to anyone trying to gain a wider organic reach!

A bonus is of course, that they are fun to create, share & watch!