How to study in quarantine

With exams being right around the corner, it is time for you to put on your thinking cap and ace those exams. Being my gracious self, I have decided to help you poor souls out-there and give your nails a chance to grow. I hereby present to you a guide for your road to success.

Create a plan…

It is important to keep track of your schedule and manage the time that you spend on certain activities. Even though you might abandon it 5 minutes after your first draft, you’ll still need it later. Either for doodling or as a substitute for a stress ball.



Plan your space…

Your workspace should be comfortable, but not too comfortable, and clear of any distractions. So hide your laptop and hide your phone because you know it’s impossible to study with all those tabs running in the background. No, you can’t resist that funny cat compilation #729.

Find your learning style…

Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, or need a study group to keep you on your toes, as long as it works. So if your style is to cozy up in a cloud of blankets and pillows… it works?



Flashcards can be fun and help you focus on keywords from your lesson. It is also eco-friendly and easier to manage in comparison to the paper ones.

Take a break…

You are no Superman. Take a break from time to time.


Reward yourself…

A positive response does wonders to the psyche. So give yourself a pat on the back and eat that favorite snack.

Turn up the beat…

Studies have shown that music helps students beat stress and help you stay focused. So play your equivalent of Mozart and enjoy your ambience.


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