Discover Hellbrunn Christmas Market: Location

Moving forward to the location, Hellbrunn Christmasmarket is one of the most magical place held right outside Schloss Hellbrunn in the palace’s inner courtyard, very close to Hellbrunn’s famous trick fountains. Its picturesque location, as well as the many attractions for young and old (A petting zoo, A Winter Fairy-Tale Train, and much, much more) has quickly turned it into one of the most beloved Christmas Markets in Austria. But not only does the location have the secret, the whole atmosphere of reflection combined with the beauty of hellbrunn Schloss surrounding it’s what make this place so special, and want you to come back again and again.


Despite the magical atmosphere and overall beauty of the place  due to the increasing popularity the problem with accessibility arose. As more and more people visited the Market, the transport and parking had to be managed accordingly. As from the local people point of view the market  located  outside Salzburg city center it is quite easy accessible by  bus. Although, if you are international tourist who visit Salzburg for a first time it is recommended to use other kinds of transportation  ( car, or couch ) since the information given about the city buses is often written only in German which can be a problematic issue for those who do not speak the language. However if you choose use the public transport the best choice would be to take bus number 25 from Salzburg Seniorenheim Nonntal to Salzburg Schloss Hellbrunn.



The ticket cost around 3 € and it will take you around 20 min to get there. If you prefer more comfortable way to travel you can take a taxi but you have to count to spend in between 16-20 € from your pocket. For  those who admire sports and nature three is also possibility to walk to Hellbrun however you need to calculate at least an hour and a half before you reach your destination. Last but not least you can take car to get there, however you need to count the price for the parking place which is around 7€ per two hours which is not tragedy if you take a few friends with and split the costs.  To sum up, if you’re visiting Salzburg during the advent time there is no better place that will take you on a contemplative journey back to the Christmas of your childhood as Hellbrunn Christmas market. This  memorable Advent experience  is suitable for every generation with over one hundred performers. Lovingly located, staged and presented.