Has Netflix become my best friend during quarantine? #stayathome

What can I say,  the answer is definitely yes, I have become addicted to Netflix 😊

Since the isolation period started I have been watching Netflix all the time. Although sometimes I feel bad that I spend so many hours in front of the TV, instead of doing my assignments for uni, I wonder how many people are doing exactly the same all over the world and then I feel better 😄

Although the universe of series and movies on Netflix is almost endless,  here are the best ones I have found in so far. Try to you watch them when you have some free time (I am sure you do have plenty of that at the moment 😉)

Timeless  Serie (2 seasons / 28 episodes)  


“An enigmatic criminal, Flynn, steals a secret time machine with the intention of changing America forever by altering its past. Now, Lucy, a history professor; a scientist; and Wyatt, a soldier; must band together to stop him once and for all. Together, the unlikely trio use the machine’s prototype to travel through time and chase after Flynn, while being careful not to affect the past themselves”. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Although I have personally never been a fan of sci-fi movies or series, this one is definitely worth watching. Every episode is different and you can learn a lot about U.S. American history in a fun and exciting way. Greatstoryline where each episode gets better and better as the story develops.  

Trailer link below:

The platform (“El Hoyo” in Spanish) / 90 minutes

Movie Info:

“One day Goreng wakes up with his future colleague Trimagasi in the 33rd level of a prison style place, crossed by a hole where a platform descends with meal remains left from the tenants from higher levels. Trimagasi knows the rules that govern this mysterious place: two people per level and an unknown number of them. If you go upwards you survive… but think too much and you will descend again. If you are in the bottom where the food barely arrives, you cannot trust anyone except your guts”. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Very interesting movie that will make you think and question how the characters behave depending on their position in the platform. Somehow this can be a representation of how our own society is structured. However, the beauty of this movie is that everyone might end up with a different interpretation. 

Trailer link below:

I hope you have enjoyed my recomendations 😉 Keep safe everyone and don’t forget to wash your hands 🤲🏼

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