Beauty of Tauglbach

Unique Outdoor Swimming Option in the Surroundings of Salzburg

Enjoy the Amazing Outdoor Swimming Opportunity close to Salzburg

Have you ever been to Bad Vigaun? This is your chance to have an exclusive and unique experience in a small village close to Salzburg. Have you ever been at home on a warm summer day and did not know what to do? Escape the overcrowded city and take a deep dive into the Naturbad Taugl on a hot summer day. The experience is totally worth it and you will want to repeat!

Outdoor swimming Salzburg
Tauglbach – Outdoor swimming in the surroundings of Salzburg
The entrance of Bad Vigaun
Bad Vigaun

Bad Vigaun as an Alternative to Salzburg

Salzburg is extremely attractive to both tourists and residents as it offers a wide variety of cultural heritage, historical sites, restaurants and hotels, and leisure activities which is why a considerable amount of tourism is concentrated in the city center. In order to evade the tourists, I can highly recommend to take one day off and experience the beauty of Bad Vigaun including a visit to the Naturbad Taugl.

Bad Vigaun is a calm and small village located in the south of Salzburg and offers various underestimated and amazing places and activities which are hardly known by the residents of Salzburg. One of these places is the so called Naturbad Taugl, which is, precisely, situated between Bad Vigaun and Kuchl. The Taugl, short for Tauglbach, is a stream which has a length of approximately 12km and issues into the Salzach. Therefore, the Naturbad Taugl represents a small part of the Tauglbach.

My Experience in the Naturbad Taugl

I spent a great day in Bad Vigaun and gained a valuable experience visiting the Tauglbach with a couple of friends. First, we took the train from Puch bei Urstein to Bad Vigaun and, afterwards, it took us roughly 45 minutes to get to the Tauglbach. We highly enjoyed the hike from the train station to the final destination as it was in the nature and hardly any other people were there. Having arrived at the Tauglbach, we observed the incredible nature with the narrow stream floating along the unique rocks. Then, we proceeded to looked for a comfortable position to sit down on the rocks on a picnic blanket.

Waterfall next to the outdoor swimming activity in Salzburg
The small floating stream next to the rocks
The beautiful rocks in the Naturbad Taugl
The beautiful rocks in the Naturbad Taugl

Enjoying the amazing view and listening to the sound of floating water, we had a cozy picnic with the sun shining into our faces. Afterwards, we decided to cool down by jumping into the Tauglbach which was an extraordinary moment as the freezing cold water was the long-awaited refreshment after a sunny day. Then, we laid down on our towels and enjoyed the sun shining on us.

What we enjoyed repeating was to heat up in the sun up to the moment when a refreshment was needed and to then jump into the water again. We repeated this several times and spent the whole afternoon like this. Later, we played card games and watched the sunset which was an incredible experience. The sunset could be beautifully observed slightly over the rocks and the floating stream topping our already great experience.  

General Information with regard to the Excursion

As for the arrival, you can either go directly there by car or use the public transport to Bad Vigaun and have nice hike 45-minute-hike to arrive. You will eventually pass the Römerbrücke, which is the oldest bridge in the SalzburgerLand dating back to 1613. The Tauglbach is a shared habitat for flora, fauna and humankind who can enjoy the space together as it offers incredible opportunities for a refreshment on a hot summer day.

It is a spectacle of nature with its unique landscape and small waterfalls. The water is crystal clear and freezing cold which is incredibly refreshing and, furthermore, healthy for the blood flow and circulation. Diving into freezing cold water has several positive benefits such as the reinforcement of the immune system or an accelerated metabolism as it is similar to taking an ice bath.

Along the Tauglbach, there is a lot of fauna and flora visible. That is, the natural habitat is home to several both animal species and plant species and, therefore, there are some areas in which it is forbidden to enter from April to July. Moreover, there is a circular hiking trail surrounding the Tauglbach which can be done by both adults and children. The hiking trail is equipped with several information boards which provides you with details about the different species inhabiting the area. It can be done either with a guide who provides extra information or by yourself.

Incredible view of the waterfall
Waterfall of the Taugl

Have a New Experience!

The year has just started and we are all tired of doing the same thing over and over again and repeating the same activities as always. So, make a change, be inspired by this website and look for a new experience! The summer will come in a couple of months and the city will be crowded which is why you will be happy to have an exclusive option of spending a day away from the busy city center.

On a hot summer day, if you are looking for an extraordinary plan around Salzburg and its environs, I can highly recommend a visit to Bad Vigaun and, especially, a visit to the Tauglbach. Also, alternatively other amazing possibilities to discover Bad Vigaun are to do a hike in the Schlenken Mountain or to visit the Heiltherme. Do it as long as the place is fairly exclusive and before the place becomes highly popular! Your friends will appreciate your recommendations and you will have an unforgettable experience.

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