It is the premier seller of one of the most quality coffee in town and close to a campus. The 220° Café strives to bring the best customer exceptional experiences. Currently, the Café serves the largest customer base from town and students from the University Campus close to its location. Its success lies in driving customer satisfaction and experience from its products and services offered at the café. The warm welcome the customer receives upon arriving coupled with the quality product carries a lot of weight on their decision to come back for more. It focuses on meeting customer demands through affordable prices. 

 Not only the most visited café, it is also an epic entrepreneurial journey and an incomparable leadership model. The café serves as a center of social interaction. The city dwellers converge at the café to hold their conversation about projects, entertain one another or pass the time. They come individually or as a small group. The cafe offers free WI-FI to the customers and so many customers like hanging around, and as they refresh themselves, they take advantage of the available internet to surf as well as chat with their friends. Some come with their laptops and tablets to surf the internet during off-peak hours when the influx of customers is minimal. Many people find their way to the café because it is spacious and cool giving customers a place to relax. 

The location of the café is strategic and accessible to the majority of the target customers. The Business is based on a solid business plan which provides a direction on how the café is to remain profitable, defines customer base and provides a path for its growth. According to the plan, the café recognizes a reduction of €1 on every Wednesday for students. Reduced prices on Wednesdays has gained popularity and many students flow into the café in large numbers to get the advantage of the discount. It is located in a spacious building, with a drive-through slip road. It is situated in a place where people often gather, increasing foot flow.  

The processes within the café are high class. Maintaining standards through massive investment in technology have been possible. Technology has been vital in the café in tracking and managing inventory. It has ensured services remain constant and enabling it to meet high demands. Sale projections and good supplier relation allow proper management of the café. Supplies are done on timekeeping coffee servings intact and without worries that it can run short of coffee. 

 Discoveries on the benefits of coffee give the shop an added advantage. Majority of the customers flow in not only to pass the time as they surf the free internet offered but also to be part of the benefits. One such advantage is protection against type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that drinking coffee increases the level of plasma of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHGBG is responsible for controlling the biological activity of sex hormones which influence the development of type 2 diabetes. Higher levels of coffee intake are associated with decreased incidences of Parkinson’s disease. Coffee is good for health and in particular the liver. It reduces the chances of developing liver cancer and Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). Drinking coffee in moderation also protects against heart failure. Therefore, apart from being a business within the campus, the coffee café also offers an excellent opportunity to the coffee lovers to improve their health condition as they refresh themselves.