#Gettin Cheesy# Blog#4

Radauer Pizza Blog#4

After a long day at university if you feel peckish and really want an exquisite Pizza to help ease your troubles after a hard day at work from all your studies then Radauer might be the spot to brighten up your long day at university. If your tired of going to  pizza restaurants in the city and want to try something new and different and don’t mind travelling a bit further than usual to taste some fresh and organic Pizza just outside the city then Restaurant Pizzeria Radauer in Hallein is ready to wine and dine till you can’t get enough.  It is pretty straight forward to get to the restaurant you can either jump on the train from university (Puch Usterin)to Hallein  takes 11 minutes and a 13 minute walk altogether 24 minutes or if you’re travelling from the city centre you can get the train from Salzburg HBF to Hallein this takes 20 minutes and 13 minute walk so 33 minutes the restaurant is very easy to find with the google Maps. Again, the location is a bit far out there if you’re not really travelling type.

There is also a bank at Hallein close to the restaurant if you need to get cash out before making your way to the restaurant which is very convenient and works very well. If you’re a big Instagram or Facebook poster the walk to Pizzeria Radauer offers you the chance to take great pictures of the mountains in Hallein it is also a great site, see on beautiful summers day. The restaurant is a very old but modern building Beautiful Tavern with a cosy ambience and the operation in my opinion worked very smoothly. The menu at Pizzeria Radauer is very well organised and also has an allergy list section for people who may be allergic to anything. One thing that I was surprised and   happy with was that you could choose the size of the pizza either a small size or a big size pizza whereas in some restaurants we visited the chose wasn’t really made that obvious for you I found this very good and important to have for people who may not be that hungry but want something small then there is a choice for them to do so.

The prices for the pizzas at Radauer in my opinion were pretty fair and definitely better than most of the other pizza places we had visited previously. Service was very efficient, quick and coffee is served with a little delightful chocolate piece. They a good variety of drinks on offer I had coke as I feel with a pizza the right drink to have with it is always coke because they to me are like married couple they never disappoint, and they always leave wanting after having them with each other.  I got a small salami Pizza that was €7.30,  Kayla got a large Gorgonzola Pizza  which was €9.50, Daniel got a large Al Campagnia pizza that was €8.40 and Aisha got a small Margarita pizza that was €5.80 again compared to L’Osteria the second place we visited I felt these prices for the quantity you asked for was really good in my opinion .The Radauer is a very good place for a first date or a group activity it has a chilled atmosphere where you can socialise and unwind and catch up on daily gossip with friends and family occasions then Radauer restaurant is the right place for you to unwind and forget work and everything else for a couple of hours.

Everyone in the group was extremely happy with their pizza out of the 4 places visited I think in my opinion this was the best one yet. Lastly but not least you always have the choice to eat out side with a great view of the mountains in Hallein/Oberlam on a beautiful summers day if the weather is great. Although as mentioned the location of the restaurant is really out there I feel that the journey to the Radauer Restaurant is worth it if the quality of pizza is to a high standard and the staff at the restaurant are very friendly and also speak both German and English which is pretty handy for Erasmus student where German isn’t their native language. Overall, I rate the Radauer Pizzeria Restaurant as one of my favourites out of 4 that we choose to visit and would recommend it to students, families, and couples.

Here is the address and opening days and hours of the Radauer Restaurant and also the website if you want information on the menu what they have to offer. If you are interested in visiting this great restaurant.

Halleiner Landesstraße 15, 5411 Oberalm


Friday11:30am–2pm, 5:30–11pm
Saturday11:30am–2pm, 5:30–11pm
Tuesday11:30am–2pm, 5:30–11pm
Wednesday11:30am–2pm, 5:30–11pm
Thursday11:30am–2pm, 5:30–11pm

Service time for pizza 15-20 minutes 

Taste- 4.7    service- 4.2.        Location 3.5.             Price 4.3. Overall 4

link of the Vlog #4 on youtube is below gives you an insight on our experience at Radauer Pizza