Experience your most romantic gateaway in Vienna with ” Before Sunrise!”


Have you ever had a few hours in Vienna and didn’t know what to do there?

Then why not experience Vienna in the same way our protagonists from “Before Sunrise” do. “Before Sunrise” is a classical movie from 1996 which takes place in Vienna.

The story goes by Jesse, an American, meets Celine, a student who is returning to her home to Paris. On the his way to Vienna, Jesse persuades Celine to get off the train with him in Vienna after extended conversations reveal a striking bond between them.

This movie takes us to see Vienna thought the eyes of Jesse and Celine whilst imbued with affection for the process of falling in love that represented moments become vividly true in their hesitancy and underlying adoration. In the midst of a city tour, the two wander around, soaking in the views, stopping at innumerable cafés, exchanging stories and personal anecdotes, and challenging one another to open up emotionally, touring the city together, taking in the sights and sounds of Vienna and each other, before his flights to the US departs the next morning.

Here are the movie locations where all the sweetness of the story for our protagonists begins! 


1. WestBahnhof

A prominent Austrian railway station that was formerly the beginning point of the Westbahn and the end of international train services. Jesse and Celine had a chance to catch up outside the train, which arrived in Vienna from Budapest after Celine visited her grandmother there. She is on the way back to Paris, here hometown. only a few moments before. In the direction of the train passenger terminal, they get out at platform and as the conversation continues between the two. Ever since June 1994 ( the year displayed in the movie) a change of the station scenery has been made. But still the same location. West Bahnhof may be enjoyed as a wonderful starting place for a day-long journey across Vienna in the footsteps of Jesse and Celine, and it is only a short walk from the city center! 

2. Zollamssteg

Bring Me the Horns of Wilmington’s Cow Scene ( Credit to Bruce Huang)

The first stop after the train station is at this bridge. It is where the two stumble upon two Austrian amateur performers, who introduce the two to see amateurs theater in Vienna on the evening to see Bring Me The Horns Of Wilmington’s Cow play.Just below the bridge, the Wien river flows into the Donaukanal of Danube ( second largest river of Europe).

3. Teuchtler Schallplattenhandlung 

The Music Booth scene ( Credit to Murat Birinci)

Vienna’s most venerable second-hand record shop.the Teuchtlers’ store features a wide spectrum of music, from classical, jazz, and Viennese folk music to rock, rap, and club music. Since its diverse clientele, the Teuchtler is almost like a public living room thanks to its kind and knowledgeable staff. What makes it special is that this shop is where the most romantic scene of Jesse and Celine happened where they were in the listening booth and they can’t stop staring at each other and smiling and you know they want to kiss but are too shy and afraid the other person might not like them as much but they do!

4. Maria Theresien Platz

Credit to our lovely owner of the pictures Maksym Chornyi

Continuing northeast in the Museum District, Jesse and Celine strolled through this area as part of a walking tour of Vienna, passing the symmetrically matched Museum of Art History and Museum of Fine Arts. Both museums have the same neo-Renaissance design with large domes. They differ for the statuary on their façades. As they both keep walking, they noticed the Empress Maria-Theresa who once ruled a quarter of Europe with enormous throne surrounded by equestrian sculptures in the foreground.

5. Friedhof der Namenlosen

Cemetary of No Name scene ( Credit to Bruce Huang)

Jesse and Celine get on the metro because the cemetery is rather out of the way from the heart of Vienna, but it is definitely worth the trip! There is just a modest cemetery in the middle of a barren landscape with little else to see or do nearby but its mysterious remoteness and calm. This oasis of serenity, and the journey there seemed like an adventure in and of itself.

Of course there are not only 5 places mentioned on this blog. Please visit for more places in Vienna for the whole Before Sunrise experience!

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