Gaisberg Mountain is the best Hiking Trail in Salzburg

Gaisberg is a well-known peak in the area just a few miles from Salzburg’s Old Town. It is an absolute place for outdoor activities including hiking and recreational sports, rising 1287 meters above sea level. It is generally safe for kids, easily accessible throughout the year, and offers a variety of options for outdoor recreation such as games and exercise.


It was difficult for me to choose the numerous ways to ascend this towering local mountain near Salzburg. It was hard for me to choose the most attractive path which was a matter of opinion as they all share one thing in common, which is their uniqueness, only moderately demanding, and take you through the countryside while offering some of the most stunning views of both Salzburg itself and the surrounding breathtaking alpine landscape. I finally decided to go for the most convenient route, from Mirabellplatz, where I board the No. 151 bus and travel nearly the entire way to the Gaisbergspitze.

I didn’t pay a cent for this journey because I have a Salzburg Card in my wallet. Upon joining the bus, I can already see the peak of over 1300 meters high of Gaisberg. A few stops later, two paragliders board the bus carrying their large rucksacks. They are also quite content to use this cozy, practical, and environmentally friendly method to go to Salzburg’s busiest launch place. I got off at the last stop before the peak, which is located beside the “Zistelalm,” a mountain lodge well-liked by tourists.

I hurry up to the large adventure playground and start scaling the towers, balancing on the rope bridge, and repeatedly sliding down the slide. The Alps are spread out before me like pearls on a necklace, virtually pleading for me to adore them for their grace and beauty. It’s hard to resist the urge to just “park” me on the “Zistelalm’s” large, sunny patio and take in the scenery while lounging in a lounge chair.  Instead of giving in, I carried on with my journey. After all, I came here to add to my list of Salzburg experiences, which is why I made the trip!

The mountain is one of the Salzburg Hausberge, a recreational area offering views over the city and the Berchtesgaden Alps in the west

Sporting Activities and hiking on the Gaisberg

In summer, the Gaisberg is an inviting destination for road cycling, mountain biking, and hiking. “High-flyers” love to launch themselves from the top of the Gaisberg by paraglider – while spectators still summon the courage to emulate them, look on admiringly and allow themselves to be inspired. Yet another summer highlight is the Gaisberg Race for Vintage automobiles. In winter, the outdoor program includes ski touring and cross-country skiing: hiking paths and touring routes are kept nicely maintained, while the XC trails are freshly tracked almost every day

Dining and Accommodation on the Gaisberg in Salzburg

I finally reach the summit after about 35 minutes of wandering through the jungle. Particularly up close, the enormous transmitter mast that was erected here in 1956 is rather intimidating. The idea of a delectable snack savored on the picturesque terrace outside “Kohlmayr’s Gaisbergspitz” restaurant quickly draws my attention away from that, however, I treat myself to sinful Kaiserschmarrn, delectable wiener schnitzel, and, to put the cherry on top, a rich coffee. I enjoy all of my gastronomic delicacies, the breathtaking view, and complete peace with other adventurous “summiteers.” Numerous eateries and shelters, such as Kasnocknwirt, the traditional Rauchenbühelhütte run by Naturfreunde Salzburg, and Kohlmayr’s Gaisbergspitz and the Goasnalm on the summit, allow travelers to pause for refreshments. In addition to being top-notch restaurants, the Zistelalm and the Gersbergalm are also hotels. For younger visitors to the Gaisberg, here is some advice: A fantastic playground is located close to the Zistelalm.

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