In the frame of our social media project: Experience Salzburg we have decided to show you easily accessible nature spots in Salzburg. Usually cities stand for traffic, noise pollution and hectic rush. However, there are still some hidden places where nature is presented and protected. In addition, you don’t have to travel far away to enjoy the nature and have a spectacular view. Last Monday we used our spare time to hike up the beautiful Mönchsberg that is located in the old town of Salzburg.

Mönchsberg is well known as the location of the fortress of Salzburg, but only few people are aware about the hidden natural spots that are provided for locals and tourists. Even though funicular and evaluator would guarantee comfortable ascent, the hiking trails are recommended to reach the natural spots. After climbing up the first couple of stairs we reached the first panorama platform with the possibility to sit down in the shadow of chestnut trees. After a short break we followed the path that led us to an archway from where our real adventure had started on. In addition, Mönchsberg provides beautiful forest trails, where lily of the valleys, forget me not and many other spring flowers sprout next to the trails. Moreover, trees were blooming in all colors, whereas different bird species, honey- and humble bees could be observed doing their regular activities. During our hikes along the forest trails we were accompanied by bird sounds, which gave us the feeling to be far away from civilization and in the middle of nature. After a short hike of ten minutes we reached another panorama platform, that provided us a beautiful view above the city of Salzburg. After a short sunbathe we hiked back to the road and took one of the narrow alleys street down to the city centre, where we ended up our adventure in one of the numerous food places of Salzburg that Experience Salzburg shows you in the upcoming posts.

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