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Best beer in Salzburg – explore the Stiegl brewery

Time to have a beer and visit Stiegl; tighten your seatbelt and buckle up!

You wake up, open the curtains, and realize it is another typical rainy day. It does not come as a surprise, right? Salzburg is one of the rainiest cities in Europe. Luckily, there is a well-established public transport system, including bus No. 10. Bus No. 10 passes some of the most worthwhile tourist sites one can visit, three of which we will explore. Moreover, I will accompany you on your way to the first stop with some insider tips.

  1. You will have the chance to drink one of the best beers in Austria
  2. Explore the world of Hangar-7
  3. Do some shopping in one of Austria’s largest outlet shopping centres

Insider Tips

I, Benedikt, will accompany you on your way to Stiegl. On the way, I will give you some insider tips on how I would do things. Since I have lived in the city for a few years and worked for the Stiegl Brauwelt (Guide and Beersomellier) at the same time, my insides might make your day even more enjoyable. Get comfortable, take your umbrella for short walking distances, and prepare for a fantastic rainy day.

Public transport – bus No. 10

To get to the Stiegl Brauwelt, you might want to take bus No. 10 from the Haunschplatz, located in the city center. Either purchase your ticket on the bus or follow my first insider tip. If you don’t get the chance to pre-purchase a ticket, don’t worry; you can also purchase it on the bus. Whatever you do, enjoy the scenic ride through the middle of the old town of Salzburg. After passing the historic Pferdeschwemme fountain and the grand Festival halls, where the famous Salzburger Festival is held, get off at the “Bräuhausstraße.” Fun fact, Bräuhausstraße stands for Brewerystreet. So I guess you know what it’s time for?

Insider Tip – Public transport

My tip would be to pre-purchase the ticket at one of the many Tabaktrafiks since they are cheaper than on the buses. Tabaktrafiks are small shops selling public transport tickets as well as tobacco and smoking equipment. You could purchase a ticket for €2,10, valid for one bus ride during the day, or buy a ticket for €1,70, valid if you take the bus between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the core zone of the city. However, you can always only purchase five at a time. Either way, validate your ticket when you jump on the bus and wait for the beep.

Stiegl Brauwelt

The Stiegl Brauwelt is the beer experience world of the Stielg brewery and the No. 1 address in Austria to experience the world of beer. The Stiegl brewery is not only the largest private brewery Austria has to offer. Through the Steigl Brauwelt, the Stiegl Brewery opens its doors to visitors so that they can get to know beer in the museum and later taste it in the many restaurants with matching dishes.

Opening Hours

The Stiegl Brauwelt is open daily and includes a museum and a restaurant. Since the opening time might vary depending on the season, you should inform yourself beforehand. Additionally, there are numerous large events at the Brauwelt, such as live music and traditional Austrian festivals. My tip is the Maibaumfest and Halloween party, two of the largest parties of the year.

The Museum

You can visit the museum either with a guided tour or at your own pace with an audio guide. If you do not fancy visiting the museum on a guided tour, you can also visit it yourself. You can explore the museum at your own pace using the audio guide. But be aware that only the guided tours see the production, which usually runs from Monday to Thursday. In addition, and maybe even more important, only the guided tours include three beer tastings. Still, as you wish, you can design the visit according to your desires.

Insider Tip – Museum

My tip, plan your day according to the tours and pre-purchase your ticket online. The tours are not always available and sometimes sell out. Furthermore, some tours are offered in English and others in German.

The Restaurants

At the Brauwelt, you can enjoy the typical cuisine of Austria in three different locations. The Bräustüberl and the Stieglitz have the best that Austrian cuisine offers. From schnitzel to great burgers to cheese dumplings, there’s everything your heart desires. If you want to treat yourself, you might want to explore the Paracelsustube, where typical dishes are creatively interpreted and presented on a high level.

Insider Tip – Restaurant

My tip would be to check out the beer fridge in the Stieglitz, where various beers from many private breweries are offered and sold. If you think you don’t like beer, maybe you just haven’t found the right one for you yet. The waiters are highly competent and often trained beer sommeliers who are happy to advise you. Before I forget, during the summer, you can visit the beer fountain and drink as much beer as you want for only 19,90€.

Time to move on

Perhaps slightly tipsy and hopefully in a good mood, you can now continue your journey on bus No. 10. It’s best to make your way back to Bräuhausstraße, where you can set off with a new bus ticket to explore further stops along the way.

  1. Visit the world of Hangar-7
  2. Time to shop in one of Austria’s largest outlet shopping centres
Pictures ©Bazzoka, with kind allowance of the Stiegl Brauwelt

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