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Discover Bad Vigaun – exploring the Schlenken mountain

The province of Salzburg is characterised by its wild and mountainous landscape making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Therefore, this region offers many hiking possibilities for all levels of hikers. South of the city of Salzburg, a small village called Bad Vigaun offers a multitude of natural attractions. The local mountain Schlenken is an excellent destination for alpine hiking in summer and a popular destination for tourists in winter.

This October I had the opportunity to do the Schlenken mountain hike on the advice of a friend. At first, I was puzzled as I was not aware of the existence of Bad Vigaun. But after this experience I can proudly admit that I was amazed by the views and the scenery that this village has to offer. So, I felt the need to publish this blog in order to give visibility to the village and one of its main natural attractions, as for many locals in the Salzburg region and for the vast majority of tourists, this village goes completely unnoticed!

From the starting point…

Starting from the village of Bad Vigaun I recommend using private transport to reach the car park Liendorf. Once you are in the parking spot, put on your boots and get ready to walk. First you must find a wooden gate that must be closed immediately to prevent the cows from escaping!

The first stage of the hike is a narrow path through the forest, which is very well marked and will take you about 30 minutes to complete. Watch out! It is often a wet path and there is a danger of slipping. After completing the first stage you will see how the path widens and the thickness of the forest decreases until you reach a group of farms. It is the ideal time to take a break, have a sip of water and enjoy the company of some of the local animals.


From here, we leave the forest behind us and continue our journey along a wider path with little incline. Take the opportunity to look around you, the seasonal colours blend together to form an amazing landscape!

Recharge your energies…

Following this path you will arrive at a curious mountain hut, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink accompanied by a plate of cold meats and cheeses. There you will be kindly welcomed by the owner and you will have the opportunity to mingle with other hikers surrounded by a calm and pleasant environment.


After having recharged our batteries admiring the breath-taking views from the hut, it’s time to tackle the last stage of the trail. The level of inclination increases, and the path becomes a little more abrupt, although it is very easy to follow thanks to the marked traverses. One drawback is that you will inevitably have to stop every 2 minutes to turn around and contemplate the spectacular views of the valley. The road to the cross is closer than ever, so I recommend a steady and agile pace to ease the final stretch, the last stage will take about 25 minutes.

Final steps of the Schlenken hiking…

Finally, you will reach the top of the mountain and will be confronted with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the region: the Dachstein massif, up to the Tauern on one side, and the Salzkammergut mountains on the other side. Moreover, the summit is not an uncomfortable area for hikers with a fear of heights as it is a large area with benches to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery from a safe position.


Good to know!

In order to enjoy this hike to the fullest it is advisable to do it between the months of March and November due to the weather conditions, as these could make the hike very difficult. Furthermore, it is not possible to get to the car park by public transport, so private transport is the only way to get there. Finally, this hike does not contain any dangerous or hazardous sections, which makes it an accessible hike for everyone.

Tip: On the hottest summer days, stop by Naturbad Taugl where you can take a refreshing bath after returning from an intense day in the mountain.

Now that you know the pearl of Bad Vigaun, what’s stopping you from calling your family and friends to take part in this experience?

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