The modern 220 Grad Café with two locations in Salzburg, serves the best coffee in town, no doubt. Today, we want to provide you with some background information about the Café to understand where the magic happens. 

The inspiration to the hotel comes from the family, who wanted to spend more time together after living some time abroad, and brought up the idea to become self-employed. Step by step they decided that a Café would be suitable for their interests. After their first coffee journey to Guatemala, they got many impressions on the topic and decided this is the type of business they want to open. This was eleven years ago, and until today they burn for their idea and already opened a second Café. Their children have now entered the business as well and want to carry it on after their parents. 

A key value for the business is sustainability, they make every year a journey to the countries where their farmers produce their coffee beans. They want to build a qualitative relationship with their farmers which helps both of them to plan, due to the fact that they create a long lasting partnership with each other. Coffee is a very labour intensive product, as the harvesting goes from January to march, then the coffee is classified, and until it can be sent to the Café it is a very long process, which takes at least 6 months. And only then the farmer is paid, this is why it is important to work sustainably, thus in a long lasting partnership. 

The heart of the company is the high quality which they want to serve to their customer, this cannot only in the coffee but also in the business, as they say, quality can only happen if the surroundings enables the coffee to show its quality. It is important that the employees feel comfortable in the environment of the business in order to deliver quality. And also the development to see in depth, where is potential to improve and to make things better. 

The bean, the black gold is their inspiration, it can be seen in all materials, they are always the real, pure materials, be it wood, be it stone, everything, as their coffee everything is pure. However, the key is in the refining, which is done in the coffee with all materials, products and components. This makes the atmosphere in the café so special, the goal is that every customer who goes out of the café has a good feeling and can give this to the people he or she meets in the everyday live.